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Here we are!

We have been in Rome for six days already, and I am just now writing our first update post. Sadly, that is not because we have been busy gallivanting around la citta. No, it’s because my sometimes melancholic tendency towards indecision kicked in, and I couldn’t choose a good, or more to the point, great blog name. It’s hard, people. So, anyway after several restless nights ruminating the name (ok, fine, the restlessness was jet lag and a non-sleeping Lucy) we are up and running. Don’t even tell me if you think the name is stupid. Thanks.

So, what have we done since we got here? How was the flight with almost 3 month old Lucy? All your burning questions are about to be answered! The flight was not too bad. A little touch and go at the beginning, when Lucy did her eat for 2 minutes, come off screaming, continue screaming act right before take-off. I don’t remember much of that period, as I spent it mostly praying the nearby passengers wouldn’t unleash their wrath on us due to her freakishly loud screams. As it turned out, no one did, and the older couple in front of  us commented that it was “nice to hear a baby cry. It’s been too long since we’ve heard that!” So that was nice.

Don’t be fooled by this placid angel. She woke up a few minutes later and began what was just described…

About an hour after the screaming crisis ended, and we were settling down to our first in-flight flick, Tom jumped and announced that his wedding ring had just vacated its proper home and gone bouncing away down the tiny airplane aisle. We were right behind first-class, so there was quite a bit of plane trailing behind us. The two guys behind us looked, we looked, and the stewardess promised she’d find it. It was nowhere to be seen. We waited till every last non-employee de-boarded and then began our search again. One stewardess recommended looking forward, because it had probably rolled down the aisle as the plane touched down. She was right! After many prayers to San Antonio, I spied the ring a few rows up and to the left under a seat. Second crisis averted! Tom was still mine. All was well.

We then took what turned out to be a non-official taxi through Roman rush-hour traffic and eventually wended our way to our apartment. Lucy slept rather blissfully in my arms, subconsciously rejoicing in the lack of car seat laws no doubt. Our apartment is located just south of Vatican City along the Tiber. It takes us about 10 minutes to walk to St. Peter’s (incidentally the same amount of time it takes us to walk to St. Rita’s at home), and about 20 to get to the historic center. Our apartment is really, really nice! Just like the pictures. We’ve had some adventures with the various appliances, including nearly burning a whole chicken in the oven, a temperamental gas stove, and my 30 minutes of trying to get the shower head turned on (that was fun. Not.).


Lovely flowers in the courtyard outside the house. They’ve since wilted. 😦

I’m going to end this first post so it’s not too overwhelming. Don’t want to lose any of our avid readers, hah. Check out the Bucket List Page to see what we are hoping to do while in Rome, and stay tuned for the next post about navigating our little neighborhood and grocery shopping and a few places we’ve been so far.

Ciao for now!


3 thoughts on “Here we are!

  1. Nicole, thanks for recent posts… wish we were there! Good luck w shopping. Perhaps a supermarket in the burbs via Metro and taxi home (paid from the savings at the mart)?

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