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Not just a fail-blog

Lest everyone begins to think that all of our endeavors here in Italy end in massive failure, I would like to take this opportunity to proclaim that good things are happening, too! Really.

1. The Food

Hellur. I probably don’t even need to mention this, but it can’t not be mentioned. As I said before, we really are trying to cook more than eat out, and so far our ratio is about 4:3 during the week. One of the places that we LOVED this week is just up our little street, recommended by our landlord. We, silly, silly Americans, were starving by 6:30, so we got to the restaurant at 7. It was open but of course, senza any customers. The waiter seated us though, and told us that the kitchen would open in 20. No problem. We ordered 1/4 liter of house red for 3 euro. That’s enough wine for 3 adults to each have a glass. Italy has its (drinking) priorities straight. Tom ordered a prosciutto pizza and I ordered their eggplant parmesan. It was ridiculously good, in all its deep-fried glory. And then, to continue the deep-fried trend, we got what are basically deep-fried dough balls drowning in Nutella sauce for dessert. Yeah… that was worth cheating the GF diet for. Here are some pics of the goods:


Mom and Lucy enjoying their drinks. This is Tom’s attempt to “get me in more pictures!”

Eggplant amazing!!

Eggplant amazing!!

Yes, we ate them all.

Yes, we ate them all.

Huge, salty prosciutto slices

Huge, salty prosciutto slices

2. Parrots

Yes, as we walked out through our courtyard the other night, a flock of bright green PARROTS came squawking out of the tree over our heads. It was thrilling, honestly, because they were so exotic and shocking. We basically spent the next 5-8 minutes craning our neck sky-ward to see them fly from treetop to treetop. As you can see, they camouflage well. We don’t know if they were just visitors or not, but we haven’t seem them since.

So pretty!!

So pretty!! There were 5 more in the tree!

 3. Tom’s Brilliance

My husband would never toot his own horn, so I’m going to go ahead and do it for him (that was one of our wedding vows, right??). He began his classes in spoken Greek and Latin on Monday. I’ll let you imagine how difficult that is for a sec. Ok, done? So, he does this four hours a day at the Pontifical University of Santa Croce. On the first day, he tested into the highest level of both Greek and Latin. Like I knew he would. He quickly discovered that the highest Latin level was not quite challenging enough in terms of how he measures up against the others and what they’re learning. His Greek teacher meanwhile, is duly impressed that he’s trying to do both (no one else in the program is doing that), and has already recruited him (strongly) to attend his university this school year. Which is impossible because he’s contracted to teach. And it’s in a far, far away country. But it’s a possibility for the future, and the teacher is someone Tom has admired greatly. So, Lucia and I are proud! 🙂

4. Solo City with Baby

Sorry, that sub-heading makes no sense. What I mean is, I have successfully made a longer than 5 minute outing in the streets of Rome, alone, with Lucy. We went out for a couple hours on Wednesday to the famous Campo dei Fiori, to see what the market had to offer. I guess it wasn’t a huge feat, but I’m glad to know I can do it. And I’ll add that it kind of IS a feat, considering I carried 11.5 pounds of Lucy on my front for 2 hours in the blazing heat, and about 10 pounds of groceries on my back all the way home.  On the way home I also stumbled upon a little church that was thankfully open, and we made a visit because it was dedicated to Santa Lucia. There was a beautiful and large statue of her inside and it was a nice conclusion to our outing. I sadly took not a picture of this outing, because… baby and backpack and water bottle and money juggling?? But, to appease Tom and include another photo of me,  here is what I may have looked like:

Except add backpack...

Except add backpack…

...and hopefully delete dorkiness...

…and hopefully delete dorkiness…

PS- Don’t worry, Mom, Lucia had her sunhat on. 🙂 And lots o’lotion!


7 thoughts on “Not just a fail-blog

    • Nicole! You’re awesome – carrying Lucia and groceries and stopping by church! And Tom! You’re so smart! We’re going to have you speaking entirely in Greek and Latin from now on.

  1. Thanks for the very newsy and picturesque posts. Four in one day! We were so thankful to see that you are not only adjusting well, but enjoying the spiritual, cultural, culinary and linguistic offerings of the Eternal City. And glad that Lucy is growing so quickly; we can see her bulging out of your sling. Of course we were taken back to our trips to Rome with the great set of pics on the ristorante in the hood. We are getting Tommy ready for scout camp (leaves tomorrow). I will take off the week, and join Tommy and scouts on Wednesday at Camp Ottari, south of Roanoke. Anna had a second successful week as Director of her camp. Mom continues to care for iNonni, and keep up with managing two households. Keep up the great posts!

  2. You guys are living the dream. Rome is glorious. Love the blog posts! I saw green parrots like those every morning on my walk to work in Barcelona:) They are so pretty!

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