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Seven Quick Takes Friday

I’m linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary. Here’s what’s going on around here lately!

1. Lucy, Lucy, Lucy… dear child has started to teethe. I vaguely hoped before we left that she would save that whole shenanigan until we came home but…no. For the past four days she has been waging a bloody drooly war on sleep. Her eyes are heavy, red, etc, and she’ll just fuss and squirm and try to smile at us. We try very hard not to smile back, as to not encourage her in this show of vampirism, but it’s rather difficult.  I think she’s taken a total of three real naps in the last four days, and that’s a terrible average. Usually she takes three per DAY. Sad baby. Sadder parents.

I'm addicted to chewing my fingers.

I’m addicted to chewing my fingers.

2. Caffe granita, late have I loved thee!! I’m not sure why I never tried this in all my previous trips to Rome, but it’s awesome. Awesome! I forgot to mention two weekends back, but I have gone on a total dairy strike in hopes of solving some of Lucy’s crazy stomach issues. That means, no gelato. Which means, sadness. Also no mozzarella and no cappuccino!!!! Ah. So, I’ve been getting either dairy-free sorbets (like peach, apricot, banana, etc) which are quite good, OR caffe granita. It’s basically espresso that has been frozen and chopped up, and mixed with probably way too much sugar. But it’s fantastic on a hot afternoon. Normally, it’s served con panna (with whipped cream), but no-dairy here, and it’s just fine plain. I found this recipe for it, and will definitely be trying it when we return stateside. 🙂



3. One of my very favorite classes during undergrad was taught by Prof. Maria Seifert-Wolter in Gaming, Austria. She taught all the philosophy classes while I was there, though she has since married and had a few babies. Her husband now runs the academics in Gaming, I believe. Anyway, she was absolutely fantastic for so many reasons: she was young and bubbly, gesticulated wildly and predictably throughout all her lectures, had studied with some exceedingly smart philosophers (Alice von Hildebrand is her godmother, and her father studied under Hildebrand and conferenced frequently with John Paul II), and loved to drink beer in the local pub and talk shop with her students. She really knew her stuff and brought it to life in the classroom. She also sent you out of the room if you came in 1 minute after class began or walked in wearing sweats. She wanted to bring standards back to the lifestyle of the average undergrad. 🙂  Last week, Prof. Seifert was at Franciscan University, which hosted a conference on Dietrich von Hildebrand’s writings and thoughts on love, marriage, and the human person. I listened to a few of the talks streaming live, and plan to go back and listen to the rest archived here. Really, really great, if you’re at all interested in these topics.

4. This video is super fun! 600 students and one singer, recreating “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone” in Gaelic!

5. My husband is very sweet, and probably felt bad that I’m suffering from a lack of streaming anything here in Italy, so he bought me an iPad subscription to Verily Magazine. It’s fantastic. I loved that I could not lose the magazine, since it was safely stored away on the ole iPad, and even kept my spot for me. It’s filled with witty articles, beautiful photos and artistic layouts, and a very positive message regarding femininity throughout.  I also know several of the talented ladies who run and contribute to the magazine. Also, my dear friend Becca and her astonishing family made an appearance in the inaugural issue! Not surprising at all, as she and her family are an incredible example of joy-filled parenting and family life. Also, Tom was “mentioned” in the article as the anonymous Latin/Greek tutor. 🙂

Image Source: http://vmacandcheese.com/

6. Our first anniversary is coming up in two days!! If you’re lucky, I’ll get around to writing the story of how we came to be, and post it on here.

Blurry black-and-white photos enhance romanticism

Blurry black-and-white photos enhance romanticism

7. Tom’s last class is today! That means, sob, that we’re leaving in 5 days!! We have SO MUCH to do! To see! To experience! But Miss Teether might not be down with all that. We’ll see. We absolutely WILL do the following:

* Attend a Mass at St. Peter’s, which will entail rising at the crack o’ dawn and beating all the lines. There is a reason we haven’t been inside the building yet, and the lines is it.

Image Source: http://www.traveljournals.net/

* Take a train to Santa Marinella beach, and beach it up for an afternoon. 

Image Source: http://romerevealed.typepad.com

Beyond those two things, I’m not sure what else is in store! Stay tuned!!



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