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Home at last!

Last summer, when Tom and I were on our honeymoon Mediterranean cruise, we were forced to eat dinner at the same table as an elderly couple (well, as “elderly” as one can manage to not look with enough cosmetic surgery!). They were what we called “super cruisers” who quite literally spend 2/3 of the year cruising all over the world. They informed us that they have begun to eschew plane travel, because, “first class tickets are just so expensive!! We’d rather just take a boat over to England. Takes longer, but way more comfortable.” At the time, we thought they were crazy for sailing from New York to wherever their actual cruise port was, but, I must say that after our disastrous experience with our plane ride home, I would rather cruise across the Atlantic too. Oh my gosh.

I won’t go into details here, lest your eyeballs bleed, but basically, our flight that was supposed to arrive in D.C. at 3:30 PM arrived at 12:00 AM. That included an emergency landing in Boston, a two hour sit-in on the plane while they attempted to fix it while we had no A.C., and then a woefully disorganized/chaotic de-boarding and 3 hour wait for our rescue plane. Would’ve been manageable BUT Lucy does NOT like confined spaces or not being able to be walked around, plus the teething. So we had a very, sad, fussy, screaming, not-sleeping infant. I wanted to pull all my hairs out. Thankfully, my lovely parents rescued us from the evil clutches of TSA and inept airlines and we stayed the (rest of the) night with them.

Needless to say, I am DONE flying for a good, long while, and Lucy probably has infant PTSD. On the bright side, we are home safely and enjoying all things American, like Target’s gleaming aisles, multiple doting relatives to hold the baby, AC in all rooms and all buildings everywhere, car travel, Mexican food and mac ‘n cheese, anddd NETFLIX STREAMING. Is it sad that we really looked forward to that??!! Yes, probably. Lucy seems very happy to be home and cooler and not schlepped around as much. She also is sleeping a tad bit better, knock on wood.

Tom has been heroic enough to board another plane, and is in Wyoming for a Latin 10-day convention (or basically, a Latin-speaking summer camp, complete with a back-packing trip. I hope he knows how to say, “Look out for that angry mama Grizzly!” in Latin).  We will miss him greatly, but my parents have generously opened their home to host Lucy and I for the week. Again, she is just the most popular little lady around here, and Mom loves that. Next week, we head to the shores in Maryland for a beach week and Tom will join us there half-way through.

I really need to get the pictures from him, and when I do I will post about our last week in Rome!

Ciao for now!


5 thoughts on “Home at last!

  1. We were the grateful hosts for the inbound estranieri. We are reveling in our week with our granddaughter so much so, that we can all say in unison “I Love Lucy”!

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