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Pfeffernüse and Baby Mum Mums!

We celebrated St. Nicholas’ feast day on Friday with Lucy waking up bright and early, as usual! Our three shoes were lined up by the door and filled with various treats appropriate to the recipient. The tiny, pink, sparkly shoe was stuffed with two things (thank goodness her foot’s so small; I was already having a hard time trying to decide what I could possibly give a just-started-eating-solids baby)- one of those squeezy packs of baby food, which she loves, and a packet of baby crackers called Mum Mums. Which she loves SO much that she screams whenever she spies the yellow and white packaging. It was cute to watch her discover her treats (and immediately eat them). Behold!

The moment of discovery

The moment of discovery

What's all this?!

What’s all this?!

Mum Mums...

Mum Mums…

Nothing better than dry, paper thin rice rusks. Mm.

Nothing better than dry, paper thin rice rusks. Mm.

Later that night, after we finally had the crazy asleep, we made traditional German St. Nicholas cookies called Pfeffernüse. Basically, they are soft, round cookies reminiscent of gingerbread, and rolled in powdered sugar. There are no pictures because we ate a ton  several, and took the rest to a party the next day. Sooo good. They definitely earned a place in the Cox Family Traditions. 

I should also mention that while we enjoyed our cookies, Tom and I sat down to watch NBC’s live (one day later) airing of The Sound of Music. I was interested, but highly skeptical. Anytime mainstream TV or movie studios take on musical productions, my curiosity is piqued. With a few notable exceptions, they generally fall flat and disappoint. This, sadly, was no exception. Carrie Underwood is a cute girl, but she cannot act. And while country suits her voice, Rodgers and Hammerstein classics just don’t. I kept thinking her neck would explode as she tried to belt through each of Maria’s supposed-to-be-soprano songs. I did like the nuns, and Captain Von Trapp (though he was no Christopher Plummer), and the inclusion of several songs from the stage musical that the original movie cut, but that was about it. And the girl playing Gretl was ummm…not cute, and terribly, terribly flat. I can’t believe they couldn’t have casted some other highly precocious and actually talented 7 year old girl.


Helloooo, original Gretl…way, way cuter. Look at that pout.

Anyway, today Tom is home from school (yay, ice and snow!), which is so, so wonderful! So much so that Lucy, in all the excitement, is refusing to sleep. (I keep trying to come up with logical reasons for her highly illogical behavior. I know it’s futile but it makes me feel a bit less insane).

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