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7 Quick Takes- Travel Prep!!

1. We are leaving TOMORROW night for California, for the next two weeks! I have packed zero anythings yet, hooray! Not by choice, mind you. I was the person in college who would start packing up my dorm room before finals started, and then re-pack my room two weeks before summer break ended. I like to be prepared, what can I say. Real life and baby makes that a little less a priority, so I suppose we’ll pack tomorrow morning…


Proof of my little "helper"

Proof of my little “helper”

2. Since the last air travel experience con el bebé left me scarred for life, I have stocked an arsenal against all possible dire circumstances: teething, earaches, boredom, exhaustion, hunger, you name it.



3. Due to the sweetness of my sister home on break, I had the rare chance to make a solo Target/Starbucks run while she fed and entertained Lucy. It was sooo nice. I suppose my standards of “exciting” have changed slightly. But, Target is the land of all things material, so it’s hard not to let one’s pulse quicken whilst determining which of the 20 contact solutions to choose, or if that knit hat looks too much like a military helmet.

4. The weather! Yesterday was the first day in many weeks where it was temperate enough to go for a nice, leisurely walk to to the park. It was in the upper 50s and felt downright tropical. I think Cali blew a warm, sunny kiss, and it landed all the way over here in Virginia. Not complaining! Looks like we have more of the same today, and then when we land tomorrow night… mid- to upper 70s for the next two weeks!!

Heyyy, La Mirada, we're coming for you!

Heyyy, La Mirada, we’re coming for you!

5. Tis the season for… teacher Christmas gifts!! Though or stash will be halved this year, with only one teacher, it’s still pretty sweet. So far, Tom hasn’t even gotten a single, stale, baked good! Just cash via gift cards and pipe tobacco and Despicable Me 2 (very funny and cute…those minions!!). We are grateful to all the thoughtful and generous parents!

6. Tis also the season for Advent and Christmas hymns. I’m loving them especially this year, as they double up beautifully for lullabies. Silent Night, The First Noel, O Holy Night, What Child is This, etc…so soothing, so lovely. Night night, Lucy…

7. I’m slowly getting our Christmas cards signed, stuffed, and addressed. I can’t believe how many of our friends or family have relocated since our wedding, which was only a year and 4 months ago… I’ll be hitting up many of your for your new address, and then your card will arrive sometime in the season of Christmas (thanks be to the Church for having a long one!).

I will try to do an update or two while in California, but I can make no guarantees. The sun and heat and many hands to swoop up the baby will probably go to my head! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes- Travel Prep!!

  1. Travel safely and have a wonderful Christmas visit with your family! Sun and Sand sounds wonderful, and if I were there I’d be one of those people swooping up the baby 😉

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