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Full of Life

I’ve been meaning to write all week. So many thoughts, so few free seconds to type! A miracle has occurred (read: the baby is taking a morning nap!), so finally, finally, here I am– typing on my iPad, because I stupidly left my laptop in the bedroom with said sleeping babe. I will make a great effort not to lose my mind as I use WordPress on the iPad and type on small, digital squares.

We started packing on Monday and Tuesday, picking up even more free boxes and newspaper on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday night, after talking to a friend who’d just moved out because of roaches, and Googling, and subsequently panicking a bit, I realized we cannot pack in cardboard. It’s a harborage for roaches, and one of their favorites. So, ten or twelve packed cardboard boxes, as well as about twenty empty ones were packed into the Pilot yesterday morning. I highly doubt they’re a problem, but the last thing we want is to bring the enemies to my parents’ and then to our new place. We are now going to pack solely in plastic- huge bins, Space Bags, trash bags, etc.. If anyone has any plastic bins they do not want, holler our way and we will take them off your hands!

I guess I’m also in a bit of denial that were leaving. Though we’ve emptied our entire huge bookcase, and several kitchen cabinets, most of our stuff is still intact around the apartment. Also, we’ve had a few other rather important matters to think and talk and pray about around here.

Behold, Lucy presents…

Portrait of Two Babies

Portrait of Two Babies

In the biggest surprise of our marriage to date, we found out two weeks ago that we are expecting Baby #2. I could really have ended up on the show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” since I only took a test after Lucy’s pediatrician asked if I could be pregnant (we were troubleshooting my low milk supply). I laughed and said, super confidently, ” No, no way. At least…I really don’t think so!” And then I laughed some more when I told Tom that night. “Well…you could be, I guess. Maybe you should just take a test,” he suggested.

So, still chuckling to myself the next morning, I took the test, and then watched as a plus sign immediately appeared. No more laughter! Just a lot of shock. We had no earthly idea of the conception date, much less due date, so on Monday I finally got in for an ultrasound. The technician immediately exclaimed something like, “Woah…you are definitely out of the first trimester!” as we watched the screen fill with arms, legs, toes, head, and beating heart. Shock, shock, shock!! We have a 16 week Coxlet in there, due July 8!

This sweet, unobtrusive little one has been quietly hanging out, doing his or her thing for almost FOUR months, whilst mommy has enjoyed wine tastings and sushi, and forgotten the vitamins. Hello, silent first tri! I rather like you. And everything they could see so far looked normal and healthy. Praise God. Seriously though, His plan is weird and crazy and surprising beyond belief. I never dreamed I would have children 15 months apart,  but there they are. Children. Plural!

We didn’t go to the March for Life on Wednesday, yet we definitely felt full of life. With one bouncy, extraverted 9.5 month old, and a small, quiet, introverted (perhaps?) 5 oz. womb-mate, I hope we are living what the Culture of Life is supposed to be all about: openness to life, to unexpected pregnancy, to the hardships as well as joys that new life brings. I can’t help thinking about the other women, finding out with shock that they are so far along in an unexpected pregnancy, and feeling only fear and shame. I am blessed beyond belief to have a husband who loves me immensely and an extremely supportive family. So many women are not this fortunate. This pregnancy, which appears untimely and unplanned, couldn’t have come at a better time, as a reminder to our own family about the unrepeatable dignity of each life. (Just remind Lucy of that in 5.5 months…)


13 thoughts on “Full of Life

  1. Wow, welcome to the newest Coxlet!! 🙂 thanks for sharing–I’ve been joining you in your moving process with my prayers!! praise God for your openness to life; you are a beautiful testimony of this!

  2. 🙂 yay. Haha introverted number two can hang out with me anytime if he/she can’t get in a word edgewise in the Cox household. But it in all seriousness, this is a lovely little bit of writing and I am praying for you all!

  3. I am so excited for you! We laughed and got all excited…(had to tell Alex)…and though we’re not in the same boat, I can confidently say that if Callan had a sibling right now he would LOVE it. 🙂 I bet Lucy will be a great big sister, even so little!

  4. How did I miss this whole story earlier?? What exciting news! So happy for you and Tom and Lucy. I say, the best gift you can ever give your child is a sibling!

    • Haha, it was such a crazy, fun surprise! And also, I was ever so happy out of the first trimester by the time I found out. I can’t wait until Lucy and her baby sibling are best friends!! 🙂

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