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Seven Quick Takes- hippie milk, the last straw and Baby Bunching

Quick is all I’ve got time for today. And I really should be packing single-mindedly but…the kitchen is scary mess, and I can only get through approximately 12 minutes of work in there before feeling my mind start to unravel. So instead, I join Jen et al for Seven Quick Takes. 

1. Sadly, I no longer have any milk supply for Lucy, as it dried up about a month ago, due to Coxlet 2. I am slightly concerned about Lucy getting all the necessary nutrients and vitamins and fat she would’ve had from the breast milk, and she seriously always comes to her high chair ravenous. Her pediatrician (also mine growing up) is a wonderful, wonderful woman. She suggested giving her a homemade formula of hemp milk and coconut milk. I know…it sounds so crazy, so hippie. Hemp! Apparently, when mixed with coconut milk, it mimics the fat and caloric content of breast milk. And then, there’s this formula, which was developed by a doctor and scientist, to very closely resemble the fat, vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes in mother’s milk. It can be made with raw milk or goat’s milk, so we’re probably going to get our crunchy on and give it a shot. Fortunately, one of my friends has done it with two of her three little ones, and had great success, so she offered to have me over and show me how to make it. And also, I want Lucy to taste it first, because the last thing we want is to spend all this money on fancy ingredients and find that she refuses it.

We tried the hemp/coconut mixture this morning (it’s super quick and also cheap!), and first off, Lucy just laughed at the bottle and thought it was a fun toy to bite on. Refused to drink. I got her to drink two shot glasses full (she drinks water from a shot glass, cuz we’re cool parents. Not really. It’s just easiest for her). The rest I had to sneak in her oatmeal, and that only totaled 4 ounces of the 16 she’s supposed to drink per day. If anyone has tricks and tips on getting a ten month old to actually drink out of a bottle or sippy cup… send em over!

2. WELL. Between takes 1 and 2, we went for a morning nap. I didn’t intend to fall asleep, but a 4:45 and then 5:45 wake up call from Lucy made that happen. Anyway, about an hour after falling asleep, I was awakened. Not by Lucy squirming, or being too cold or anything normal. No. By LOUD and incessant SQUEAKING and crazy rustling. Yes, it was real, it was happening, a few feet away on the area of Lucy’s floor bed, which is currently covered with several Space Bags filled with all our clothes. While I knew death wasn’t imminent, my heart was still pounding fiercely and I was contemplating if we should stay in the exact spot in the bed all day, or if we could run past that area and out the bedroom door. Lucy woke up after I probably startled her, but was happily oblivious. One day I can tell her, “Yes, in our first apartment, I was awakened by a mouse crawling all over your mattress and our belongings! Isn’t that quaint!” This is absolutely the last straw. Thank the Lord in Heaven that we are leaving tomorrow. I am still DREADING moving those bags. I think maybe Lucy and I will go out to the grocery store while Tom does it…? I’m such a wimp. But gross, gross, GROSS! I now cannot re-enter our room, or take a shower, or put her down for a PM nap…help!

3. Salvation Army is supposed to come pick up a bunch of stuff any time now. I hope they don’t judge the fact that I’m clearly not showered and don’t think poorly of stay-at-home moms everywhere. Today is just a survival kind of day, and I look like it.

4. Here’s an exciting piece of news for proponents of home birth and midwifery (there go those hippies, again!). Essentially, it’s announcing the results of a study saying home birth is safe and has excellent outcomes for mom and baby; something that anyone who has done good research will already know regarding home birth. We had Lucy at a free-standing (i.e. not part of a hospital) birth center, which essentially was someone else’s beautiful, luxurious, clean bedroom. With a huge tub in the middle of the floor. Coxlet 2 will be born there as well. We would love a home birth, but the insurance supposedly only “covers” a birth center birth with midwives. At least this time we’ll be 45 minutes closer to the birth center.

5. So, a few months ago Tom and I found this website called Baby Bunching, founded by two women who are writing a book about (and living the reality of) having kids close together. Here’s their spiel:

Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

We thought it was kind of hilarious back when we read it in November (little knowing we were baby bunching ourselves already!). Anyway, now that we’re officially “bunchers”, I’ve gone back to the site and it’s actually pretty helpful. Double stroller reviews, and a great FAQ page where you can find out all sorts of useful info, like “How do you take a 4 yr old, 2 yr old, 1 yr old, and newborn to the store?” Their answer is basically, “Don’t.”

6. Good posts around the web:

Matt Walsh- If I can’t accept you at your worst, then maybe you should stop being so horrible

This one’s by our good friend, Hannah, about how she sees a different side of stay-at-home moms through their pictures on social media.

And from Jenny, who we met in Rome. She always manages to be both hysterically funny and down-to-earth inspiring. Here’s her Wellness Project.

7. And lastly, you are now free from ever reading another horror story about our dwelling place. Please throw up a prayer or two for us tonight and tomorrow, if you have a second. We have a LOT of packing left, a lot of heavy lifting for Tom and the awesome guys helping out, oh, and…a critter somewhere in our room, still to be reckoned with.


3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes- hippie milk, the last straw and Baby Bunching

  1. This is totally random, but I have a friend who has WAY too much breast milk… as in they have filled their freezer and a neighbor’s and she is worried it will go bad before her baby (5 months old) can use it all. They were considering just donating it to a milk-bank (apparently that’s a thing?), have you thought about one of those?

  2. First, congrats on the little one Nicole! 🙂

    I would try a camel back water bottle for Lucy. Or a mason jar with a stainless steal straw lid. I avoid sippy cups because I don’t think they are good for development and I also think kids like the real sort of thing more. You could also put the milk in glasses like you do water. My Thomas began drinking out of real glasses at 9 months and the water bottle was just for when we were out.

    Maybe you can hook up with a milk bank for breast milk or see if you have any friends who are interested in donating, etc. If I had to, I would do the Weston A Price milk formula.

  3. Thanks for sharing your stories and humor, Nicole! Don’t forget your bud who has twins as a resource ;0} She’s found a good many tricks of the trade by trial and error and by ingenuity as well! And I have taken a 4 year old and a 2 year old and and infant to the grocery! Insane, I know. It’s best to wait until the hubby comes home and do it then or better yet, give him a list and allow him this fun opportunity on his way home from work! It will be a great de-stressor after his long day with much older kiddos!
    Blessings in your move!
    Mrs. B

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