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Seven Quick Takes- the baby house, almost-walking, and RIP rodents

Seven things about this past week you need to know, of course!


We are settling in to being semi-permanent houseguests at my parents’ home. I’m making an effort daily not to let myself become overly spoilt. In other words, keeping up with our laundry (and LOVING the fact that there resides here a HUGE washing machine! One load per hamper rather than four!), doing dishes, and helping with meal planning and execution. I don’t want to be all at sea when I am back in reality and have all these things plus not one, but two, babies. That said, it is very, very, very nice to have the adult to child ratio bumped up so significantly, and have the luxury of a shower every day, and so many hands to help with Lucy. Lucy, in turn, loveees the attention and love. 🙂


Our sister-in-law and her two precious boys joined us for the last few days at our parents’, since my brother is traveling for work. It’s been so fun to be in the “baby house” and to have the cousins here, and Lucy is totally smitten with them. She laughs and reaches for them every time she sees them. I think perhaps she was supposed to be our third child, and somehow she got mixed up in birth order… oh well. At least it’s a hopeful sign that she will love her little sibling.

Nathaniel reminisces about his baby years as Lucy looks on.

Nathaniel reminisces about his baby years as Lucy looks on.


Willing and expert babysitters are the name of the game here in the Smith home. That means that Tom and I will probably get several real dates in while we’re here!! Tonight we are going to see Les Miserables, at a local community theatre, and my best friend’s younger brother is starring as Marius. It’s gotten rave reviews and we can’t wait!!


Tom had an unexpected, albeit very welcomed, ice day on Wednesday, and we took a fun little trip to the mall. The little kids needed a warm place to run around and let out energy, and I needed to get Lucy some grippy socks so she doesn’t slip and slide so much on the tile and wood floors here. We went to Baby Gap and procured socks and then I found some maternity items on sale, so I also indulged in a long sleeve maternity tee. Here’s Lucy showing off her crawling and standing skills. She crawled under the kitchen table and then stood right up, and was extremely proud of herself. And no slipping, thanks to the new socks!

Look at me!

Look at me!


Then we thought it would be a cute photo op if Jonah joined. He thought otherwise.

Then we thought it would be a cute photo op if Jonah joined. He thought otherwise.


Speaking of Lucy’s development, here’s a quick little update on what she’s up to as she turns ten months in three days! She’s very eager to walk and so she pulls up on just about any surface she can. She is a veteran cruiser now, and has mastered standing while holding on with only one hand, and vehemently pushes away any adult hand that reaches out to steady her. She’s got this! I’ve also seen her let go of both hands several times, and her balance is getting better and better!

She has also mastered both the bottle and a sippy cup, and even my CamelBak glass water bottle, which requires one to bite on the tip and then suck up the water through the straw. So, I feel pretty confident that she won’t regress in her drinking skills even though she’s taking her homemade formula from the bottle. Speaking of that, she now loves the milk, and we can tell it’s already helping her fatten out again. On Monday, I’m going to my friend’s to see how she makes the super healthy milk I mentioned before. Hopefully she takes to it! She continues to amaze one and all with her intense feasting (no other word would do it justice). Organic cheerios, fruit pieces, raisins, sweet taters, chicken broth and rice, eggs, meatballs… she loves it all.


I loved this article by Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas. Tom and I have pretty much the identical dream– owning land (not tons, just a few acres), and working it ourselves to grow veggies, raise chickens and goats and bees for honey, and generally put down roots in the soil, literally and figuratively. There is such a difference between just working to earn a living and working because it brings  you joy, no?

Hello, gorgeous Virginia farmland!


And, last but not least, we are ALMOST done forever and ever with our hell-hole. We went back on Sunday afternoon, a mere 24 hours after the guys had moved almost everything out (save a few sundry kitchen and closet items). We walked into the kitchen and I looked down to behold… a dead mouse. Right there, by Tom’s foot, in a spot that Lucy frequently used to crawl on and eat crumbs off of. AGHHH. Tom won Outstanding Husband points for discarding the carcass while I kept Lucy and myself on the opposite end of the apartment. But seriously… one day we are gone and …ughhh.

Unfortunately, we have to go back tomorrow to pack said items and then clean the apartment and turn in keys. I’m absolutely terrified of what we will find upon walking in the door, so I think I will send Tom in ahead, and call down to us when the path is clear and pest-free. Shudder.

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