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Tired Tuesday morning thoughts

I had every intention to write a blog post yesterday, and thereby start off the week participating in Jen’s 7 posts in 7 days challenge. Then the micro-naps happened and we had a late dinner, and by the time dishes were done, so was my brain. Oh well, I suppose I can be the token mediocre blogger and scratch out 6 in 7, which would still be WAY above average for me.

I would like to report that over the weekend, we experienced some glorious weather with degrees climbing into the 70s. We went for a walk, the boys played soccer, and I went into D.C. for a balmy girls’ night out to celebrate my sister-in-law’s  birthday. (No, I don’t have any pictures of any of these events, in keeping with my usual style). Now, however, it is snowing again. Ugh, welcome to the Never-Ending Winter of 2013-2014.

I do have a few pictures of recent happenings. Lucy is teetering on the brink of her first step, and is able to pull up to standing and then let go and stand alone for about ten seconds. I haven’t been able to capture it on iPad camera since I’m desperately trying to get her to walk to my open arms. Soon, soon, I know. She is staying busy though:

This is where she ends up half the day

This is where she ends up half the day

Nana, her new best friend, helps her practice this walking thing

Nana, her new best friend, helps her practice this walking thing

New toy!

New toy!


Oh, AND, just to show you the height of my horrible picture planning and taking skills, I wanted to take a 20 week belly shot wearing the same outfit I had on last year with Lucy’s 20 week shot. Well, I was rushing around to get to prenatal yoga that night, and remembered right before I changed into yoga gear that I hadn’t done the photo shoot. So here is the pathetic result:


Despite terrible angles and distracting piles of crap in the background, I still think I am a little smaller this time around. Now I’m off to nap, since I have been awake since 4 AM, thanks to Lucy’s new “sleeping through the night” habit, in which the term “night” applies only to hours between 7 pm and 4/5 am. I suppose in about two decades I shall once again know that elusive treat known as a good night’s sleep.


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