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Luck of the Thrifty

Last weekend was busy and fun, and here it is already Friday again! First, I just need to say that I was on a thrifter’s high on Saturday, because I went to a children/baby consignment sale. This particular one was a gold mine! It’s basically a yard sale inside a school with all the baby gear, clothes, toys, etc., you can imagine. For under $70 I got the following:

– a space-saver/portable swing for the new baby: $10 ($130 new on Amazon!)

– an extra booster seat for my parents’ table: $5 ($20 new)

-a Boppy nursing pillow: $7 ($50 new!!)

-over 15 articles of clothing for Lucy, some of them brand new: > $20 altogether

– almost-new sandals for Lucy: $4, probably $25 new

– Melissa & Doug set of 50 large wooden alphabet blocks in a muslin bag, brand new, never played with: $4.5o ($16 new)

-Melissa & Doug wooden play food set: $4 ($17 new)

-Melissa & Doug push wooden penguin: $7 ($21 new)

-and and assortment of baby doll accessories for a couple bucks

All of the stuff was in great or like-new shape, so it was all a steal. I went to a few of these sales last year and I will seriously never buy any baby or kids’ gear or clothes new again. People in this area go through their things super quickly, or just have a huge excess, and it seems silly not to take advantage of that, and additionally help reduce the waste of them potentially trashing it.

New blocks

New blocks

Later that afternoon, Tom and I gussied up and drove to D.C. for his school’s annual Gala (gay-la, gah-la, goh-la?). I had a heck of a time finding a petite, formal maternity dress. They don’t exist. The one I wore last year, at 36 weeks pregnant was too big even then, so no way was it fitting this year at only 24 weeks. So I thrifted again, this time in my sister’s closet upstairs, and found a formal dress I had worn back in 2006, when I won an award at the Kennedy Center. It fit…well, differently, but it fit!


Dress circa 2006

Dress circa 2006

And now:

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.42.49 AM

Dress (+ Bump)

And finally, last Friday, Lucy started “really” walking, which we considered to be more than two consecutive steps in a row. She is exceedingly proud of herself, and works everyday on adding more steps without wiping out. She’s also (I think) starting to get molars, so her nighttime sleep has regressed again. She usually winds up sleeping upside down between Tom and I, or sideways above our heads against the wall, or both ways several different times throughout the night. Fun times for all!

Have a lovely weekend!


3 thoughts on “Luck of the Thrifty

  1. I went to one of these near us, too…no more new baby clothes, that’s for sure! I love getting everything Callan needs for a season in one big shop.

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