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Spring, Sourdough, and more (Five Favorites)

Excuse the long silence…Tom and I were simultaneously struck down by a violent stomach flu all weekend. It could have been much worse– Lucy never got it, thank God, and my parents were there so Lucy didn’t starve or go without sleep, as she surely would’ve if we’d been alone with her. I hope we never experience both of us being slammed like that with multiple children to take care of… Sadly, we missed a day-long parenting conferencing we were very much looking forward to, but our brother and sister-in-law gave us the run-down, and the talks should be online, so hopefully we won’t fail as parents completely.

Anyway, we’re better, and enjoying the finer things of life:


The weather has turned! We did have a freak snow shower on Sunday, but since Monday it’s been awesome here. In the mid 60s, frequent sun, birds singing, and flowers popping out. Lucy has finally decided to enjoy the baby swing on the deck. We’ve tried for the past couple weeks on random warm days, and she freaked out massively. Something about feeling herself swing away from us, I suppose. Well, on Monday she decided to love it, and never looked back. She’s also enjoying bubbles.

Enjoying the sunny deck

Enjoying the sunny deck

Swing and bubbles

Swing and bubbles

Yay for spring!! It’s a huge favorite.


We got this sound machine a couple weeks ago for the bedroom. I have NO idea why we waited almost a year to purchase this life-saving device. It has about six different sounds, but we prefer Ocean. We turn it up loud, and keep it going allll night (and all through Lucy’s naps). It is wonderful, and we will pay $20 for replacements many times over the years with pleasure.


Well, when you cloth diaper, anything that makes it easier and less messy is a favorite. At our apartment, we had a great diaper sprayer, but it doesn’t attach to any of the toilets at my parents’. So, these flushable diaper liners save my life. I can just dump it all into the toilet and flush away, without touching anything. Huge blessing.


Sourdough! I have an interesting history with sourdough. Tom got me a starter two Christmases ago, and I made a couple batches of bread. They were so-so, and I didn’t have enough time to really research and understand how maintaining sourdough works. And then, Lucy was born two weeks early. My sourdough starter was on the counter. And on the counter it stayed…until we noticed it sometime in June? It was a brick. 😦  I decided to try again this year, and my sister got another starter for me. I finally got to it a few weeks ago, and did more homework. Our bread is much better. Lucy devours it! We’ve also made delicious waffles and I tried biscuits last night. Fun, delicious times. I also received a kombucha starter today, so we’ll see how that fermentation adventure goes!!

First batch from the new starter. Cute and yummy.

First batch from the new starter. Cute and yummy.


Tom and I finished Kristin Lavransdatter on Monday. We have been reading it aloud (sporadically) since about January of last year. It’s a tome, but so, so worth reading. It has gained a well-deserved spot among my absolute favorite books. It is such a well-written saga that paints human nature just about perfectly, and emphasizes over and over the heart’s longing for God and the need for redemption. We read Tiina Nunally’s translation; please do yourself a favor and read that particular one, NOT any of the older translations (they are very dense and heavy, with archaic language not intended in the original Norwegian). There is much to be thought and pondered and discussed about this book, and we both heartily recommend it to anyone and everyone. There is really something beautiful and profound about it. It is also thoroughly Catholic, as the life of the Church pulses through the daily life of medieval Norway, as well as through the heart of Kristin, as she grows from little girl to old woman throughout the books. (It’s three volumes in one book). Reading it felt like part romance/adventure saga and part spiritual reading.


We were sad to close the cover for good, and are searching for our next read-aloud. We’d love suggestions! We’re looking for something not as long this time, a novel, and relatively easy reading so we can get through a few pages at night before collapsing into oblivion. 🙂

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