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What Lucy’s Reading

First, I should say that I was given two baby showers that were themed around children’s books. One was thrown by my family (and close friends) and I helped plan it. My mom asked guests to bring a little children’s book in lieu of a card to build Lucy’s library. Then, without any idea what my family had done, my school threw me a very sweet book-themed party. Thus, we had amassed somewhere around 50 children’s books before Lucy even arrived. I have a love affair with children’s books and so I was in heaven. Tom somehow skated through toddler and childhood without the classics, so he’s learning. 🙂

She got really into her board books in the last three months. Here are here current tried and true faves from the book basket, the ones she brings to us over and over to read to her.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


1. Eating the Rainbow

This book was perched next to a pretty tray of fruit kebabs at my school shower. (Every snack had a book to go with it…so, so adorable). Lucy loves this because it’s filled pictures of real babies and real food. It gets boring for us, but this is definitely her number one.

2. Baby Beluga

You know the song... it’s catchy, huh? This little book has sweet pictures set to the lyrics. Lucy grabs it and starts dancing to indicate that we should begin singing the song while flipping through. Raffi would be proud.

3. Baby Baa Baa

I really like the DK board books, because they usually use photos and very realistic and concrete ideas for baby. This one is lift the flap (made of indestructible cardboard, not just a paper flap) to see farm animals. She loves to find the animals and make their sounds.

4. Touch and Feel Animal Books

We have four of these, also by DK, and she has a great time pulling fur, scratching bumpy or rough skin, and especially touching the sticky tree frog’s feet.

5. My Catholic Treasury Prayer Books

This is an adorable set of tiny, perfect-for-baby-hands prayer books that my Mom found at Catholic book store. They’re foam, so Lucy has effectively chewed through most of them, but she really, really loves carrying them around, flipping through the pages, and kissing every picture of Jesus (“Csch”) therein.

+1 Honorable Mention: Goodnight, Moon

I wouldn’t say this is one of her absolute favorites, but here’s why I’m including it (besides that it is a true children’s classic)– this animated video, narrated by Susan Sarandon, is insanely adorable. Lucy will actually watch all 2.5 minutes of it, which is a feat. It brings the pictures to life and has a soothing lullaby in the background. It’s a great way to calm Lucy down before bed.

Joining Hallie for Five Favorites!



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