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Catch Up

We’ve been a leeetle busy around here. And mostly, Lucy’s been under the weather so it’s made blogging a bit of a non-priority.

She kind of had a constant runny nose since the day after Easter, and then last Thursday got a fever and what seemed to be an earache. We’d racked all our collective brains about the four week cold: just a head cold? teething? spring allergies? What is this?! Then, I happened to read in this book about the effects of vaccines on young babies and toddlers, especially the MMR vacc. It basically wrecks their immune system. I looked back on my calendar: yep, she’d had the vacc three days before symptoms started. Then I remembered that in February, she had a similar (though far less severe) two week non-stop runny nose. Also right after the vaccine. I confirmed the hypothesis with Lucy’s pediatrician, and my Sherlockian sleuthing proved correct. She basically has the measles without the rash. So she’ll never…get the measles?? Ugh. We will definitely think twice about this vaccine with the next baby and at least pray he/she will still be nursing when/if it’s given. Poor little girl:

Nose:runny. Mouth: drool-y.

Nose:runny. Mouth: drool-y.

We’re still struggling, and administering everything we can to help this insane bear of a head cold/major congestion/on and off fever/cough go away. She’s such a little trooper.

In other news…we’re still on the hunt for a house. It’s a long-ish, arduous process. We will be so very happy when it’s done, and when we’ve finally moved in and ended the most crazy “transitional” 6 months of our life. But one of our hunting days last weekend ended in a delicious lunch at a pizzeria very near to the neighborhood we hope to get a house in. It had donuts.

Well, hello!

Well, hello!


Homemade, lemon-drenched, Nutella-whipped cream topped donuts. It’s safe to say that we will frequent said establishment very regularly should we move there. Also the pizza=fantastic.

And ending on a positive/cute note, Lucy’s latest:

Words: anything beginning with B, which happens to be all her favorites: ball (“a BAH!”), book (“a BOO!”), bird (“a BER!”), bath (“baf!”), bubbles (“buhbuh”), bed (“bah”), the baby or her dolls (“bah-bu”)…and of course, buh bye. Also, ap-pu, for apples/any fruit ever, ap-per for diaper, HAT- pronounced quite clearly, and ges-es for glasses. She’s a chatterbox.

And the camera roll for what’s she been doing:

Grandpa Cox visited for dinner on a business trip in town. She was fighting  sleep to be social...not winning, clearly.

Grandpa Cox visited for dinner on a business trip in town. She was fighting sleep to be social…not winning, clearly.

First metro ride....lots of legs to look at...

First metro ride….lots of legs to look at…

Not enthused by Eastern Market

Not enthused by Eastern Market

Inspecting Uncle Tommy before sending him off to Prom

Inspecting Uncle Tommy before sending him off to Prom



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