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Back from the Dead!

Well, after the previous cheery post about recovering from illness without OTC meds, I proceeded to come down with the worst sinus infection of my life. Let’s just say pregnancy has a way of magnifying even normal illnesses, and draaaagging them out, because the ole immune system is non-existent. All the garlic, cod liver oil, vitamin C/D/A, etc all go…to the baby! So I was miserable for another entire week, popping many a Tylenol and then eventually a prescription steroid nasal spray. I made it through, and still managed not to need antibiotics, though I was tempted. Very tempted. I just know it would’ve made the whole lowered immune system thing much worse in the end.

Also, as I began to emerge from the foggy cave filled with endless tissues (I cannot tell you HOW MANY BOXES I went through) and pounding headaches/toothaches, the weather became so amazing. We had a great day last Saturday visiting the family farm of one of Tom’s students. The grandparents own an amazing 90 acre plot with not one, but two homes on it, several ponds, a huge pool, and just endless fun for kids, or babies who think they’re one of the big kids. Lucy had a blast between the two dogs, the gravel driveway, and the sopping wet pool toys (though she strongly refused to go in), and her first ice cream popsicle. I took zero pictures, because if I wasn’t frantically running after Miss I-Don’t-Care-If-I-Never-See-You-Again, I was furiously blowing my nose. But it was gorgeous and sunny and fun. And on the way home, we got this double stroller!


It was $50, and the family used it once. In Disneyland. It’s normally $170 new, soooo we hit the jackpot. Thank you, Craigslist.

In other exciting news, we are officially done house hunting!! Praise the Lord. And thank you for all the prayers. We are closing on a house today and will move into it at the beginning of August. At which point we will have TWO children. It has just recently, as in the last two days, hit us that this baby could be born within 3 weeks. Now, I’m not quite sure, because I’m measuring two weeks behind, but that may just mean baby’s smaller. Also, baby is stubbornly stuck in the right posterior position, which means the body is facing outwards instead of towards my back. That explains why I feel the strangest, most surprising/weird movements in there, and not kicks. I’m doing whatever I can to get the child to turn like a corkscrew, because posterior labors are labors from hell, and are more likely to end in interventions. Turn, baby!

And now some photographic evidence of the big sister herself, whose new favorite word is no, pronounced, “naw-oh!” in perfect whiny pitch. Heaven help us.

The most patriotic of babies

The most patriotic of babies

Filling up the pool

Filling up the pool

Step 1: Scream "naw-oh!!" as parents try to put you in pool Step 2: Acquiesce to sit on step of pool, only after Papa has filled with .25 inches of warm tap water Step 3: Realize water is fun. Proceed to get in, splash, and play for next 1.5 hours.

Step 1: Scream “naw-oh!!” as parents try to put you in pool
Step 2: Acquiesce to sit on step of pool, only after Papa has filled with .25 inches of warm tap water
Step 3: Realize water is fun. Proceed to get in, splash, and play for next 1.5 hours.

Everyone needs a foam sticker on the cheek

Everyone needs a foam sticker on the cheek



6 thoughts on “Back from the Dead!

  1. Have you heard of spinningbabies.com? They have good techniques for giving baby the space to turn.

    Also useful, a chiropractor who knows the Webster method. Your midwife might have a recommendation. That kind of adjustment helps to loosen up the pelvic ligaments to allow turning

    • I just started seeing a chiropractor again! I wish I hadn’t gone the whole pregnancy without it. And now, since our insurance is changing again, I just hope they’re still covered. I’ve also been doing some of the Spinning Babies things for the last couple weeks, but s/he really seems to looove the right side! We’ll see!

      • You know, I think mine was facing to the right towards the end, but I figured that as long as she wasn’t facing straight towards the back, it was going to be an all right labor.

        If your chiropractor knows the Webster method (not just a general chiropractor), they should be able to focus on loosening up whatever ligaments are tight and keeping baby turned to the right. Hugs and all the luck in the world to you!

  2. Congrats on the house!!!!!! We will change our prayers to those of thanksgiving. And, posterior babies do make for nasty labor, but intervention is way overrated. You got this! Hoping baby has moved since this post. I just rotate side to side while in labor to sort of cork-screw effect them into correct position with the help of contractions. Ha! “help” 😉 Can’t wait to hear all about your new home; I wish we could help you out. Moving newly pregnant/super pregnant/with a newborn is all part of our expertise!

    • THanks Joanna! Wow…I can’t believe you’ve had multiple posterior labors!! I will definitely remember your advice, should she still be posterior come labor day! Oh man… all those stages of moving are so intense. We moved out in February while I was…somewhat pregnant? Like 20ish weeks, so I still couldn’t do much. Frustrating! And this time, I’ll have a newborn, so we will see how it goes. At least all our stuff is still packed away, so none of that to do 🙂

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