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The New Abode

Now that we are officially homeowners (still so strange!!), the real excitement begins: decorating and making the house a home with our own flavor. We have about two months until move-in, so that we can adjust to life with two under two while still under my ever-helpful parents’ roof. In the meantime, I’m starting to get crazy with Pinterest, Craigslist and a bunch of design websites, like Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge. The house is, thankfully, in almost move-in ready condition, we just have a few minor safety concerns to fix up, and a few walls to paint, and the rest will be all the fun and games of arranging furniture and making it cozy.

Behold, our new dwelling!

Raised beds, ready to go!

Raised beds, ready to go!

kitchen back

Tiny kitchen, but it’s all very nicely updated so we’ll survive 🙂


See what I mean about walls to paint? This gaudy blue is in the dining room, the hall bath, AND the master bedroom! And it sucks up all the gorgeous light from the many windows.


Big great room/living room


…with the most odd fireplace ever. We’re going to paint it white and install some kind of cover or bookshelf in front, because the pointy copper cover is riiiight at toddler-head level.

Big ol' backyard

Big ol’ backyard– hopefully future home to all the crunchy things– chickens, bees, more garden beds… 🙂

And then the upstairs is comprised of three bedrooms and a bathroom. Simple, small, and perfect for a starter home, we say. And providentially, I happened to meet a bunch of women last month at a discussion group who all live in this neighborhood, within blocks of us. They go to the church nearby, have bunches of children, and have tons of connections with us since the Northern VA Catholic world is small. It never ceases to amaze me! We’re excited to finally live in a real neighborhood, especially since this house is on a nice, safe, cul-de-sac.

St. Joseph really delivered on this one! Can’t wait to share after pictures once we’ve moved in, unpacked a little, and inserted a few more pieces of furniture (when you double your square footage, your seemingly large pile of possessions suddenly looks…sparse). Now I’m off to continue stalking Craigslist for the perfect end tables…


7 thoughts on “The New Abode

  1. Oh my goodness! St Joseph had you in mind for this one for sure, all that patient waiting paid off 🙂 Congratulations, it is beautiful. I can’t wait to see all the fun things you come up with and to see the place with Cox-flavor!

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