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One Week with Magdalena

It’s hard to believe, but we’re over one week in with Magdalena ex-utero. Everything so far has been going really well, mostly due to the fact that Magdalena is a very normal baby, in that she eats like a piglet, sleeps without needing to be held the whole time, and poops like a champ. Come on…everyone knows when you have a baby that poop becomes an ever-important topic of conversation. Also, we’re blessed to be at my parents’ where we get a LOT of help with Lucy-wrangling and meals.


Don’t let the fancy get-up fool you, this girl will give you a run for your money!

Lucy is still super in love with her baby sister. The moment she lays eyes on her, she can’t rest until she’s been able to give Magdalena about 30 “kisses” and name every facial feature. She also likes to rub the inside of her arm over the velvety newborn head and chant, “hay-uh”. It’s pretty much the sweetest thing ever, and I need to capture it on film.

It’s been interesting figuring out how to juggle two babies throughout the day too. We successfully took them both to Mass for the first time, and we were only a little late. Both girls behaved pretty well, all things considered. I know right now is also a much easier time, since Magdalena still sleeps a ton and I can attend to Lucy. Oh and Tom has been off most of last week, and will be for most of this week, which is monumentally helpful, because Lucy decided this weekend would be the perfect time to start waking up at 4:30 and 5 am. Tom is shaving off eons in purgatory through this experience!

Other fun adventures together as a family of four (!):

– First walks in our double stroller (which simultaneously will succeed in getting us back in shape since it’s like pushing a small tank)

– Trip into Georgetown to go to the doctor, with a pit stop at Dolcezza’s for gelato. Maggie opted for straight milk, while Lucy sampled all of our flavors and surprised us by showing an aversion to the chocolate and hazelnut combo. We don’t know whose child she is, and feel we must immediately get back to Rome and set her straight in the gelato department.

– Watching both girls sleeping peacefully in their car seats

-Meeting cousins, aunts, and uncles!



Lucy and Maggie at one week

Lucy and Maggie at one week



3 thoughts on “One Week with Magdalena

  1. I am so happy she is a good baby! You are a blessed woman. Enjoy this time, even the hardest moments of life with two babies will be missed. It flies by so quickly!

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