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Two Years

Monday was our second wedding anniversary. Last year, we celebrated the day in Rome, with Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, our chubby three month old in tow. This year, we celebrated mostly at home, with the still-chubby one year old, and a two week old who’s working hard in the chub department. We bravely (or foolishly?) decided to go out for dinner with Magdalena, even though the hours of about 5:30-9:30 are the hellish ones where she cries a LOT. I was praying she would just sleep, or nurse, through dinner. Well, she didn’t… so we mostly spent our fancy evening juggling Queen Colic, taking turns getting up and walking around with her.

The hostess was very sweet, and put us in a kind of side room, with just one other young couple, who I’m sure are now scared away from having children forever. However, high-class restaurants are apparently not made to accommodate babies who may or may not wet through their clothing or just need a diaper change. The tiny bathroom had no surface whatsoever to lay down a wriggling infant, but at least the toilet had a lid. Thank God babies have no memory.

Anyway, at least we did “get out”, as chaotic as it seemed. It’s the season of life we’re in, though– babies, and everything that comes with them.  The second anniversary is supposed to be cotton, and I must say, we have lots of cotton going on up in here: cotton diapers, cotton burp cloths, cotton tiny baby clothes, and cotton toddler clothes. So we must be doing something right!

And now, here are some of my favorite shots from the day it all began two years ago.






















In case you want to know the whole story, you can read all about how we met here (Part I, II, and III).


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