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1. Listening to…
Magdalena gulp down her 3rd lunch/afternoon snack #2
The upstairs, for the sounds of the inevitable Lucy wake-up

2. Drinking…

Second coffee with raw milk, finally! So far, the baby hasn’t staged a gaseous rebellion, which is probably because it’s raw. But, not getting my dairy hopes up, and will wait a bit before reuniting with my long-forsaken and dearly beloved yogurt and cheese.

3-4. Laughing about…
Nine or so of our close friends, helping us roll out our new area rug, lifting all sorts of furniture out of the way, hastily cutting the too-wide rug pad, and the hullabaloo of everyone shouting different directions for rug placement. Such a fun night and fun people.

Lucy’s hysterical “sentences”:
“Souah dough bett!”
“Uh oh! Baby! Cying! Sat.”
“Punge! In it!” (as she runs to the sink with her little sponge and begs for water “in” it).
And the sweetest, “Holdju!” Which she frequently requests as I’m trying to get her to walk down the stairs while I’m also holding Magdalena.


5. Cooking…
Whatever’s quick! Or utilizes the slow cooker. We made a really tasty “pasta” dish with yellow squash peeled into ribbons in place of pasta. Sautéed with pesto, tomatoes, and lots of Parm. Super tasty/summery/speedy. Also got back on the sourdough train and it’s glorious. Lucy agrees.

6. Reading…
I finally made it to our local library for story time, and got a card. The system has tons of e-books and e-audio books which I’m pumped about. Tom and I started a Trollope novel together, and I’m going to start Helprin’s A Winter Tale. I’d love suggestions as well!

7. Clicking
Well, Lucy is officially a toddler, with the behavior to go with it. We have had several broken items (pulled down from a surface, so we’ve learned our lesson…), and LOTS of sneak-attacking Magdalena.

These articles are helpful:
5 Reasons We Should Stop Distracting Toddlers
Effective Limit Setting with Toddlers

Enjoy your weekend…(as I finish this post a full 24 hours later, in the exact same position: nursing babe, napping toddler). Go see Jen for more lists of seven!


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