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Michaelmas Day!

Yesterday was the Feast Day of the Archangels, which was traditionally celebrated as Michaelmas. This day was a big deal, especially in the British Isles, where the harvest was being gathered. I wanted to start a tradition of celebrating this feast, and came across several hilarious/weird old tradition in my research, including unmarried girls digging a triangle shape out of the ground before pulling out carrots to present their beloved (Scotland), picking all the blackberries before Satan could “spit” on them (Ireland), and Queen Elizabeth allegedly proclaiming goose should be eaten on this day every year, as she was eating goose when she heard that the Spanish Armada was defeated (how this was attributed to September when the battle actually happened in July no one can account for).

Tradition calls for a roast goose, carrot and apple dishes, blackberry desserts, and whatever other fruits of harvest you have. Our gardens are going to be barren until next spring, and I’m not in the time of life where roast goose is possible, so we made do with the following:

*Apple-Mustard Chicken

*Ginger-Honey Glazed Carrots

*Homemade Sourdough

*and a Dragon Cake!

One of Tom’s college friends used to make this for them at Michaelmas, so we decided to give it a try this year. He looks a little sad…


…but so would I if the Prince of the Heavenly Host had just routed me. By the way, he tasted really delicious, as only something that is made of lots of buttery dough stuffed with sugar and dried fruit can.


Lucy with our feast, as Daddy tries unsuccessfully to get her to smile at the camera…


Magdalena is a slightly better subject


We had both soft and hard cider, so you know it was a good meal.

It was a great start to this week which is filled to the brim with great Saints’ days. We’ve got some more planned for those, so stay tuned!

Lucy holding her "Happy Michaelmas" sign...expertly decorated, obviously.

Lucy holding her “Happy Michaelmas” sign…expertly decorated, obviously.


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