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A Day in the Life

More to commemorate this unique time of life with two under two, I hereby record the minutiae of one of our days. It’s very long. Feel free to skip away…

October 8, 2014

6:15 AM- Tom’s alarm goes off and he gets up. Right away! At the same time, I hear Lucy getting up, and hope she just goes back to sleep for a bit. I wouldn’t know because I fall back asleep nursing the baby. (EDIT: Tom informed me when he came home that he was able to rock her back to sleep until after he had showered and dress. Win!)

7:08- Tom comes in with Lucy and her bottle of milk. She plops onto the pillow beside me and crows, “HI LENA!!” which obviously wakes her up. I try to sleep but both girls are awake so that’s no longer an option.

7:19- Daddy gets picked up by his carpool and we hear them drive away. So it begins!

7:28- Heave myself out of bed, followed by Lucy. Magdalena converses with the ceiling.

7:35- We all head downstairs. I start my coffee (“fawfee!!”) in the Keurig and put some oatmeal in the microwave for Lucy and I.

7:40- I walk back to the dining room and discover this:

IMG_0604 IMG_0603

7:50- After ousting Lucy from it, I place Maggie into the rock-n-play so we can eat. She fusses, and I give her a paci. She starts to fall asleep in the chair. Amazing! This only happens every so often, but it’s super helpful.


8:00- I think that maybe Lucy needs to use the potty. So we go up to her potty and she basically sits there and talks about her books that are there for her light bathroom reading. Nothing happens in potty. I change and dress her.

8:20- I hear Magdalena fussing, but give her back her paci and she falls back to sleep. I’m having really good luck today. I put a load of cloth diapers in the laundry.

8:30- Lucy and I start the sourdough bread, mixing flour, water, and the starter together. Lucy “helps”/reaches her hand in and eats the dough. “Eat it ah mouf!” she yells, as I take her off the counter and wash her hands. That (hand washing) is also a favorite, as she watches “bahboes” go down the sink and flings water everywhere.

8:45- I need to seize the sleeping-Lena moment, so I go up to shower and dress. Lucy plays upstairs. Baby’s still sleeping so I actually get to dry my hair and apply concealer to my raccoon eyes. I feel remarkably human.

9:00- Magdalena wakes up for real this time, and I nurse her in the family room. I attempt to read emails on the iPad but Lucy violently absconds it and tortures us with the digital music death of her “Baby Piano” app. I make note to delete app ASAP. The baby’s fed and happy, so I change her too.

9:30- Start getting everyone ready to go to the store and pick up our raw milk.

9:55- Finally load everyone and everything into car.

9:58- Smell a poopy diaper. Lucy vehemently denies it to be hers, but I know better. I am NOT taking her and the baby back in, so I change her in the front seat. She is afraid of falling off and cries, “Chair too small!!” Which it is, but we make it.

10:08- Pull out of the driveway and head to Aldi’s. Lena falls asleep. Get there around 10:30, and extract my cart with a quarter. Lucy rides up front, and Lena stays asleep, so I put her seat in the back. We get what we need (yogurt, butter, fruit, sugary cereal for Daddy, etc) and what we want (a large clock for the family room wall) and pay.

11:00- drive over to the house where we pick up raw milk. Get our gallon and a half. Lucy starts to fall asleep on the way home, because the sun is in her eyes (“SUNEYES, SUNEYES!!”). I talk very loudly in an attempt to keep her awake. We sing “Happy Birthday” in honor of cousin Nathaniel’s 4th birthday. Magdalena is awake and NOT happy.

11:38- Finally home, and the mad rush to unload all groceries, comfort screaming baby, and feed hungry toddler begins. I quickly heat leftovers for us while holding (still very unhappy) Lena, and then nurse her while feeding Lucy.


“Felf!” meaning, “Please let me feed myself, or really, just fling mac n cheese all over the dining room while laughing at these eating implements adults think are so necessary.”

Fed and much happier now

Fed and much happier now

12:10- Give Lucy her bottle of milk and plop her in bed.

12:25- I eat my lunch, while nursing Magdalena again. I hear Lucy talking/singing/banging around her crib for a while.

12:35- She’s finally out.

12:45- So is Magdalena. I let her nurse while she goes into a deeper sleep, and check email, read the daily readings and meditation c/o Blessed is She, catch up on blogs, and Facebook in the meantime.

1:20- Put her down and then survey this:


as well as the non-photographed craziness in the kitchen. So, I sweep, do the dishes, switch the laundry, knead the risen sourdough, and mop the stairs/family room. Feel like super woman.

2:10- Baby’s awake. I nurse her again and read for a bit.

2:45- I hear Lucy playing in her crib quietly. I’m amazed and wait to see how long she’ll stay there.

3:00- Go up to get Lucy out, and she’s in a good mood. Change her diaper and take her down. I try to get some good pictures of the girls in their matching onesies…


Sorry, Magdalena. One day you will laugh at this picture.

IMG_0610 IMG_0611 IMG_0614

3:15- I put on some music and try to get Lucy to dance. After three or four cursory bobs up and down, she moves on to her favorite pastime (destroying my iPad).

3:30- The natives are getting restless. I get Lucy a snack (a banana and homemade sourdough crackers, made with bacon fat). I also eat about ten, or maybe twenty, myself. What? Proper fat intake is essential to staying alive during these crazy days.

3:40- We decide to go for a walk to the park. Magdalena in the Ergo (where she promptly falls asleep) and Lucy in the stroller. There are a couple kids at the park, all with nannies. We play for 15 minutes or so before Magdalena wakes up and we start back.


Someone’s having way too much fun.

4:35- We’re home. Water is administered.

4:45- Daddy’s home!!! Lucy rejoices– her social circle has widened from boring Mom+Lena.

5:15- I get dinner ready while Tom holds the baby. Then we trade off, since she needs to nurse.

5:35- We eat our veggie and pesto pasta, with Magdalena looking on from her rock-n-play.

6:00- Tom takes Lucy outside to work on the garden beds, which involves a lot of flinging dirt everywhere, mostly all over herself. I nurse the baby/read. She falls asleep.

6:45- Lucy comes in and gets a much needed bath, but the soil won’t come off her scalp completely. Dirty kid. She gets her milk and chills on the couch. We say bedtime prayers and she’s in bed by 7:10. I had put the baby down before her bath, and she’s still out. I do the dishes while Tom gets work done. I shape the sourdough into loaves and leave it in loaf pans for the final rise.

7:50- I get out the door to confession at a local church. There’s also Eucharistic Adoration so that’s an added bonus.

8:30- Home. I put the loaves in the oven. We read aloud for a little while, but I’m dropping off. By 9:30, I’m dozing, so we go to bed (after taking the bread out of the oven, of course). I know…how exciting are we?! But we’d been going to bed too late for awhile, so I guess we needed it.

And there you have it. A fairly typical day in our life right now! Congratulations if you made it until the end! 🙂


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