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Seven Quick Takes- freezers of meat & paci regression


We spent last weekend driving up and back (oh, and briefly stopping in) upstate New York for my grandpa’s funeral. The trip with a 3 month and 18 month old was everything I had imagined, plus…more (unexpected traffic, more traffic, bumpy highways which= death to sleeping toddlers). We did survive and have been spending the last few days recovering and catching back up on sleep. Safe to say we may not travel up again in three weeks for Thanksgiving based on this trip…we’ll see! Either way, it was so good to see our extended family, to say goodbye to Grandpa, and to honor his life. I have ZERO pictures of the event, so there ya go.


Right before we left, Tom picked up a cow for us. Well, a cow that was. We now have a deep freezer stuffed with glorious one pound packs of grass-fed organic beef (1/4 of a cow) from a farmer in Pennsylvania. Also, 1/16 of a steer (so other cuts of meat besides ground beef). If you are wondering, like we were, how to possibly afford grass-fed/organic meat, the best way to go is buy direct from a farmer, and splitting them with other buyers. I believe our ground beef ended up being around $3.50/lb. Yep! We’re supposed to get an entire pig in January also…not sure where he’ll reside.

2014-10-31 14.40.53

We’re not even sure how many pounds of gr beef are in this freezer. I’m betting 75. We’re keeping a tally as we use the packs.


Magdalena is really into:

– talking as loudly and throatily as possible

– batting at hanging objects

-gazing adoringly at older sister (despite being smacked by the adored frequently)

– standing up on her tiny legs! I tried putting her in a Bumbo, and she wouldn’t bend, just stood right up! The same thing happens every time we try to lay her in her car seat or the lamby chair. She just really loves to be up.

IMG_1265 IMG_1272 IMG_1276


Lucy is really into:

-pacifiers. Ugh. This started about 3 weeks ago, and in true Lucy fashion, she went from total indifference to their presence (Lena’s been using them since she was 2 weeks old) to I-totally-need-this-object-or-I’ll-slowly-die! I am hoping this little phase fizzles right out quickly. Particularly because she has a nasty habit of throwing them down on whatever floor she’s standing on when she needs to drink or eat something, and then picking them right up and re-inserting. Yum.

2014-10-24 10.53.17

Unintentional paci-selfies

Unintentional paci-selfies

Ohhh, fancy focus there, Luce

Ohhh, fancy focus there, Luce

-trying to put on her socks and shoes. A very cute, but frustrating-for-her, endeavour.

-repeating everything we say, verbatim half the time. It’s achingly funny. For example:


Me: You don’t need it, you want it.

Lucy: NEED IT, AH WANT IT. Need it ah want it!


Here is both girls at 3.5-ish months. Same play mat, different countries (and Principesa Lucia had a pillow because the apartment in Rome had rather unforgiving tile floors). I still don’t think they really look that much alike…


Life has been really, really, really busy this month. I realized two days ago that I needed to come up with and produce Halloween/All Saint’s costumes for the girls. After raiding my mom’s fabric and dress up bins, I think we’ll have something (thank goodness they are too young to know/care that their costumes will be mediocre!). Stay tuned.


Umm…it appears that October is over. I’m bummed, because typically temperatures start plummeting right around Halloween. We had wanted to make a couple little day trips during October (Annapolis, Leesburg, a trail hike), but my, the month flew! And all our weekends seemed to get sucked into the void of Homeownership and Its Never-Ending To-Do List. Maybe November will be mild enough to get out once or twice, and maybe I’ll actually bake pumpkin-y things, otherwise it’s not a real fall.

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