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A Walk in the Park

Life with two under two is often chaotic. We find ourselves at the end of the day, bone-weary and ready to pass out. Most of our weekends these days are filled with the new responsibilities of owning and upkeep of the house. Suffice it to say, we haven’t had many opportunities to do relaxing things together as a family. Sometimes, though, that’s exactly what we need, and if we schedule it in and plan it out a little in advance, it might actually happen! So we did that last weekend, in our desire not to miss out on the beauty of the outdoors in fall.

We drove to Great Falls National Park on Sunday afternoon, after naps were over, and with a few precious hours of daylight left. Apparently, lots of other people had the same idea as we did, and we spent almost 15 minutes in a line of cars to get into the park. But it was worth it! We let Lucy walk, since we chose a gentle trail. She loved it! There were dogs galore and little gravel pebbles on the trail to capture her attention/make us stop every .5 seconds. Everyone passing us (since everyone had to pass us to go at a normal pace) smiled at the little red-headed pixie who was happily bounding down the trail.

The weather was crisp, just as it should be at autumn’s zenith around here. Lucy got to see her first waterfall and play peek-a-boo with a pair of baby squirrels. It was what I think Sundays were made for– time together that isn’t harried or task-focused; a time to stop and notice the glories of our world and enjoy each other, gifts that we are in each other’s lives. No, life’s not always a walk in the park right now, but on Sundays like this, it can be.

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