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2014: Our Year in Review

We are officially back in Virginia, after our California Christmas. Before January is over and the year still feels relatively new, I figured it would be fun to look back on the craziness of 2014 and capture our year in photos (blurry and bad, as they always are!). Here we go!


Portrait of Two Babies

Wow, January. Way to start off our year with a whole lot of crazy!! We came back from California, and about a week and a half later, we discovered that we were expecting Number Two. I’m thankful for our pediatrician who casually asked if I might be pregnant, when I told her that my milk supply for Lucy had disappeared. If not for that, I have no idea when or how I would’ve figured it out! As it was, it turned out we were already about 14-15 weeks along.

That same week, our living space started getting a little, well, unlivable. We were invaded by cockroaches, mice and scary, scary mold all over the apartment over the month. Gross.


We packed up and moved to my parents’, for what we thought would be two months. Ha! My family is very patient. We had snow days and date nights, and lots of cousin time. Thinking about Lent and pregnancy.


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.42.49 AM

More snow (and reminiscing about our honeymoon), St. Patty’s, St. Joseph’s– and writing out our love story. Lucy started walking and things thawed enough for the park and the swing and fancy clothes to the annual Heights Gala.


Lucy Agnes turned one, and I finally wrote her birth story. We went on a lovely Babymoon, and I started to get a wee bit anxious about all the things to do before Baby 2 arrived. Spring was starting to get its game on, finally, and we made it to Easter. We also officially booked our realtor and started house hunting!!


Nose:runny. Mouth: drool-y.

Things got cray for us: lots and lots of looking at houses both online and in person; Lucy being sick for over a month from her MMR vaccine, me being sick for weeks with the Sinus Infection from Hell; and Tom’s birthday thrown in there. I found a few moments between tissues and Tylenol to think some thoughts about my impending parenthood of two.


Filling up the pool

In June, things were looking better: we had closed on a house!! No more searching. I was feeling much better, and the wait for baby began. Verily published an article of mine, and we mused about disciplining toddlers. Lucy went on daily walks, splashed in the pool, and talked up a storm.


Magdalena at one week

We were very ready for baby– and then she came! Magdalena Clare was born on 7-14-14! Lucy loved her, and so did we. The siblings put on a magnificent performance of Les Miserables and we dealt with Magdalena’s awful nightly colic, which coincided with our ill-timed second anniversary date.



Tom went to Cali for five days for his brother’s wedding, and I stayed home with Fussy-Pants and thankfully my mom was there to help (my dad and brother were on a mission trip in Honduras). We all survived. Then we packed up and moved to our new house on August 9th, with a barely four-week old Magdalena and almost 16 month old Lucy. Good, crazy times. Also, Magdalena was baptized the week after we moved in, but I never blogged it because of the general chaos. For the record, she screamed the whole time, as Baptism was unfortunately scheduled during her nightly colic sesh.



The colic stopped. Our stress levels dropped by 50%. We continued to move in/unpack/set up and made our house a bit more homey. Tom started back at school, and Lucy went into full-force toddler behavior.



Fall! Lots of park and outside time, a Day in our Life, the passing of my grandpa and traveling to NY for his funeral, and Halloween.



We enjoyed the awesome weather before it got too cold, had a chill Thanksgiving, and reflected on life thus far with two under two. 


This is the most recent month, and I can barely remember it. We celebrated St. Lucia Day and St. Nicholas Day, Lucy got sick, and then got sick again and passed it to Magdalena the moment we touched down in California. We had a lovely (though very sleep-deprived) California Christmas, and then Lena passed the cold to me, and I to Tom, who is currently sleeping it off as I type.

2014 was quite the year– full of unexpected things but mostly unexpected blessings. Looking forward to what 2015 will bring!

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