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Wintry Mix

This post was started, with good intentions and hopes of finishing, yesterday afternoon. I am once again hopeful that it can be finished today instead…

Right now, snow is coating our backyard, the baby is making puppy-eyes at me from her marooned position across the carpet, and there is a lot of laundry which is being ignored. Perfect time to write, obviously. Our life has been busy with all the most mundane things that happen in the cruel and never-ending months of winter. Such as:

– Trying desperately to keep the very active toddler from self-destructing while she is held hostage in the house. A mini trampoline arrived today, which we bought with some gift cards we got for Christmas. I’m hoping it helps with energy output so that she isn’t stuck with screaming at a glass-shattering pitch. (The norm, every night at dinner and other times…)

Boredom: A Portrait

– Picking up the second half of our frozen pork delivery. We realized a whole pig is a lot of meat, but thankfully my parents decided to buy half of it. We are now consuming sausage till the end of time.

– Taking several bags of clothes and a box of toys to Goodwill. Feels good to de-clutter, and still feels like we have too much stuff.

– Sending out super late Christmas cards. In a confusing and highly annoying turn of events, our cards got shipped to our old address. We called the apartment office about 500 times without a single answer. We didn’t have the time/mental/physical energy to drive all the way out there just to pick them up, and weren’t even sure they had been delivered, since no one would answer our call and tell us. We happened to be at a wedding at our old parish down the street two weekends ago, so we picked them up. And I have since decided that from now on, we will be doing an email Christmas card. It may be tacky, but my word, tracking down about 35 new addresses, and then doing all the addressing, folding letters, and stuffing of 70 plus letters took literal hours. If you didn’t get one, you are not missing out. I just thought I’d highlight yet one more thrilling way we spend our ample “free time” round here.

– Starting, very slowly, to give Lena some solids. She’s wildly excited to eat, but at this point still only eats a spoonful or two at at time. We’ve done bananas, and avocados, and some egg yolk. She’s not tolerating the egg well at all, and has thrown it up each time, so we’ll have to table it till she’s older. Lucy loved egg yolk as a first food, so it’s kinda a bummer that Lena can’t eat it, especially because it is so easy and quick. I mostly avoid feeding her solids because I simply do not have things on hand I can give her quickly, other than banana. I need about 1-2 uninterrupted hours so I can cook, puree and freeze baby food for her. Still looking for that time…

Just give her a whiskey…

Well, at least we know she’s not going hungry.

Anyway, if you made it to the end of this, high five. Despite the cabin-fever and the everyday-ness of our every day, we are just really lucky to spend them with these cuties and each other. I’m thankful for these baby days, when I can stop and remind myself that they will be over all too soon. Which also means that I’ll be able to sleep and feel less zombie-like once more, praise the Lord.


4 thoughts on “Wintry Mix

  1. At least Lena’s eating a few things! Frankie continues to reject all food but breastmilk. Ah, babies. Good luck finding a pocket of time to make her baby food in!

    • Oh man! In a way, though, it is kind of nice for you, because breastfeeding is the ultimate convenience food! And clearly, he’s doing just fine with that! Lena is just SO interested in our food and is absolutely desperate to get some of what we got! But, still no teeth!

  2. The snow was pretty, don’t you think? All soft with those large clumpy flakes.

    My kiddo was only mildly interested in food until she was about 9 months and then she was all, “You’re eating pizza? I want pizza!”

    I remember giving her yogurt. She liked that. No prep needed there. Might that work for Lena? Applesauce?

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