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So, occasionally I’m able to finish an article, essay, or blog post before my iPad is lifted by the resident toddler/klepto. I’m a sucker for other people’s lists of interesting, engaging, funny, weird, inspiring, and so on links, so I thought I’d share a few of the ones I’ve come across lately!

  • This one’s more of a PSA for anyone to whom I’ve ever given cloth diapering advice: I AM SORRY, I WAS DOING IT ALL WRONG!! Really. Go to Fluff Love University (and its companion Facebook group, where amazing cloth diapering gurus will promptly help you solve your dilemmas) and follow their advice instead! Who knew there was so much science behind those fluffy waste receptacles.
  • I thought this little video about the youngest priest in Baton Rouge was both funny and inspiring. He’s my age, and I loved hearing about his gradual conversion from checked-out adolescent, to reluctant young 20-something, to priest, who raps to evangelize:

“I would just go to the Adoration chapel every day, for hours and hours. Go to parties, leave the parties, and go be with Jesus. Go on dates, leave the dates, and go be with Jesus.”

  • This article from Verily Magazine, about not having strippers or other distasteful practices at bachelorette parties was spot-on: 

“I suppose it is all intended as good fun, but there is something a little gross about involving a stranger’s nudity in          a celebration that is supposed to preface a wedding.”

  • If you use essential oils at all, I recommend this article, as well as the website she links to at the bottom. Good info about why you should not ingest oils and on being cautious with their use, especially around children.

 “Misquotable or not, Pope Francis is our Pope. He’s our father. He’s also a figure of contradiction and amusement and confusion and excitement and all the other adjectives for the rest of the world, looking on in wonder/disgust/mild curiosity. So yes, he will be in the news. And yes, all the things he says will be analyzed and dissected and translated and represented to you, the consumer, to ingest. But it’s your responsibility to monitor the quality.”

“All in all, Franciscan’s study abroad program offers an intimate setting, excellent education, and life-changing experience.” 

That’s all I have time for; someone is chattering away in her post-nap prison and occasionally shrieking, so I’ve got to go!


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