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Just your usual cabin-fever delirium…

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a small human being during the winter months will go progressively crazier and ruin the house.

I give you Exhibit A, A Cup of Rice:



Or how about Exhibit B? Everyone’s favorite, Toddler Wall Art (and floor, chair, book, even laptop art):








Exhibits not pictured, as the photographer was too busy screaming and desperately trying to resolve the disaster:

– An entire stick of Kerrygold butter (solid GOLD, I tell you), smeared all over the counter, Learning Tower, and the remaining half stick thrown on the kitchen floor.

– Half the bottle of Murphy’s Oil Floor Cleaner squirted all over the freshly washed dining room floor/toddler hands/shirt.

– And by far the weirdest, her very own blood smeared along the wall, all over the crib rails, and her sheets, from a small cut to her foot she somehow got during her nap, while surrounded by entirely soft objects (I checked multiple times for any hidden sharp objects. Nothing. No idea how she cut her foot, and no idea how a tiny cut could bleed SO MUCH).

Sigh. Poor Lucy hasn’t been out of the house since an hour in Church last Sunday. She, and now Lena, have had a bad cold, so that plus the arctic weather here have kept us quite housebound and stir crazy. At least it’s Lent!

But, her cute moments outweigh her mischievous ones:




This one’s pretty cute, too:


IMG_0677 IMG_0676Stay warm and sane, people!



6 thoughts on “Just your usual cabin-fever delirium…

  1. Oh I remember those days… It will get better, I promise. In the mean time, I would suggest finding a mall with an indoor play area. We had one in NY and I made myself visit it atleast twice a week for an hour. Runny noses and all. I also imposed on a friend I made once or twice a month, just for a change of pace and someone to share a cup of coffee with while our kids stirred crazy together šŸ˜‰
    P.S. they are adorable beyond words; naughtiness and all ā¤

    • I need to get better at taking her to thr indoor play place at the mall! I get stuck sometimes bc of Lena’s nap schedule, but I think getting out a couple times is worth a missed nap! Thank you šŸ˜Š

  2. Those TERRIFIC TWOs! You didn’t have a learning tower and I guess I deprived you of having “creative” moments around the house so now you get to enjoy them with Lucy…rice, markers, spilt milk, butter no problem…except for your sanity but as Lucy’s boni fide NANA….PLEASE KEEP ALL THE CLEANING STUFF AND MEDS OUT OF HER REACH! Do they still make those YUKKY stickers (to remind the parents) we used to put on stuff unsafe for children’s play or consumption? Can’t wait to have you girls here and give you a much needed break!

    • Sigh, yes the soap was up on the table but now she limbs the chairs and reaches what’s on it. I don’t think she’d be tempted to eat it thankfully, and at least it’s mostly just soap…but another good reason to use DIY cleaners from natural sources! Lucy cannot wait to see you guys. She will be In heaven!! And so will I!

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