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Nursing-Friendly Dresses: Mission Possible!

Long, long ago, I used to really enjoy wearing dresses to look, wait for it…dressed up! A blouse and skirt was all well and good as a daily teacher uniform, but for Sunday Mass, outings, and special occasions, dresses felt 100 times more flattering and appropriate for the occasion. Also, way less complicated, as all I had to do was grab the one piece of clothing off the hanger and find coordinating shoes and accessories.

Enter the wonderful world of breastfeeding, and suddenly, dresses seemed to be outside my realm, unless I wanted to risk baring it all (um, nope), or spend my time nursing the baby in a bathroom stall in a state of half-undress (again, no thank you). I have spent the last two years nursing, and/or pregnant, so I have had considerable time to rant and rave about missing dresses, as well as to actually find dresses that work. By work, I mean that they fit the following criteria:

1. Do not require me to remove half the dress in order to nurse

2. Can easily allow me to access the goods for the baby

3. Are not too revealing

4. Are pretty and comfortable

Turns out that is easier said than done. But my trusty fellow Facebook mamas came through with some wonderful suggestions, recently, and I’ve been able to expand my repertoire with some more nursing-friendly dresses.

There are three basic types of dresses that I have found work for me. ALL these dresses, needless to say, will require nursing under a cover or a scarf (please and thank you).

Nursing-Friendly Dresses

Wrap-Front Dresses

My favorite version of this dress is Lands End’s Fit and Flare dress. It’s a soft, stretchy jersey, and comes in some really fun prints and solids. I have it in both the sleeveless and 3/4 sleeve, and love both. Because the bodice is a criss-cross/wrap style, they are easily pulled away in order to nurse. If you buy it during a sale, it’s a steal. Highly recommend. Sizing runs large, so keep that in mind.

Another great-looking dress in this category is Banana Republic’s Gemma Dress. I don’t own this one, but will invest in it at some point, should it ever go on sale!


 These dresses are so cute and can work well for breastfeeding, though they do take a few extra seconds to unbutton every time you nurse. Keep that mind if you have a particularly hungry, impatient, squirmy babe. I have a couple of these types that work well in my summer wardrobe.

Modcloth, which makes absolutely lovely dresses, has a great button-down shirt-dress, and this chambray one from Old Navy looks really fun too.

Specialty Nursing-Ware

Now, this is another option, and I only own one of these types of dresses, from the Liz Lange Maternity line at Target. It works ok, but the style of the dress is nothing to write home about. There are several sites that make dresses with special openings built into the dress for easy nursing access. The one from Milk Nursingware looks comfortable, and Seraphine makes some too, though they’re a little pricier.

Hope this is helpful for anyone who is looking for dresses they can nurse in! Please let me know if you have any other sources I’ve missed!!


2 thoughts on “Nursing-Friendly Dresses: Mission Possible!

  1. I so love the Land’s End dress! My problem is that my hubby insists that any skirt/dress we have go below-the-knee and not to-the-knee. I don’t have exceptionally long legs, but they’re just too long for petite sizes and just awkward enough for regular sizes. I am convinced there is a hole in this loop somewhere! 😉

    When I am breastfeeding, I just wear camisoles 24/365 with a shrug or other type of shoulder cover. It is a simple pull down with no issue and can be worn with every kind of bottom. When it is chilly, a cami is nice under a sweater because when you lift sweater and pull down the cami, you aren’t showing off all that extra skin AND actually stay a tad bit warmer. I tend to not like breastfeeding-designed shirts, but I do like the shirts that are pregnancy and breastfeeding ready because they can be stretchy enough in the tummy and the top is usually open enough for a pull down-to-nurse. Actually, I detest most things specifically designed for maternity/breastfeeding now that I think more on it. I just buy things in bigger sizes lol

  2. I hear you on the frustration with maternity and nursing-specific clothing!
    It really can be a pain to find longer-length skirts and dresses. You should check out ModCloth– they have quite a few midi dresses, which are definitely below the knee. I think some of the Land’s End ones are too. I guess because I’m super short, most dresses hit at the knee or below, and anything longer really cuts me off and makes me look frumpy, lol. I wish I could actually pull off midi and maxi dresses!! I think maxis look super comfy and cute!!

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