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Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Spring!


This photo is a few weeks old, but I had forgotten about it. Our once-a-year fancy date, to Tom’s school’s Gala. Hooray for dresses that DON’T need to be nursing-accessible (thanks to parents who babysat both girls successfully!)!!



 Using our new-to-us gas grill to make dinner outside, blowing bubbles…IMG_0703


She loves being in the car (or “wagon” as Lucy has dubbed it). But when I walked away to take the photo, she wasn’t so thrilled!


Things often get real when babies are cutting the top front teeth. Empty beer bottles help.

IMG_1678.2015-03-27_173015Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter! 


4 thoughts on “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Spring!

  1. My oldest two (both boys) are also 15 months apart and I think it’s a great age difference. First there was the convenience of already being in baby mode when #2 was born. But soon enough, there was the MAJOR help of having two playmates so close in age. Sure, they fight, but they play much more than they fight. They’re best friends and I’m hopeful that that will never change. May your girls be the same way!

    • I so agree about still being in baby mode. I feel like I hadn’t even put most things away! 🙂 And I am really looking forward to their days of playing together (more or less successfully)! 🙂

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