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Currently, Vol. 4

Happy Friday!

(1) Celebrating:

The birth of our new nephew, Leo!! We cannot wait to meet him this weekend.

The end of the school year for Tom! Well, sort of. It’s the end of classes and his daily shirt/tie uniform, but he’ll be going to school with basically the same hours as he preps and runs his summer camps. Then come August he’ll be done done. 🙂

(2) Watching:

People, Gran Hotel is back! We have been showing great restraint by only watching 2 episodes at a time. It’s terribly over-the-top at times, and unfortunately there seem to be a few more racy scenes than previous seasons, but it’s still so well done. And there are some great face slaps, por supuesto. 

We have the final episode tonight and then after that, we’ll be searching for something good to start. If you have any suggestions from Netflix or Amazon Prime, let us know!

(3) Doing:

Well, not much, unfortunately, because it has been raining NON-STOP the last four days and has also been really chilly! Ugh. I will take the humidity over the perma-cloud any day. It’s giving Lucy a bit of cabin-fever driven naughtiness, and I can’t say I blame her. I, too, would want to sprinkle cinnamon all over the counter/floors if I couldn’t play outside for days, or tip over my humidifier and soak my freshly vacuumed carpet.

(4) Gardening:

Ok, at least our newly planted gardens are enjoying all this rain. We took an entire Saturday three weeks ago and dug out the three raised beds in the front yard and the brick garden box in front of the kitchen window (and when I say we, I mean Tom did 98% of the work. I sowed the seeds and watered, and generally kept the children fed and watered.).

Sadly, the stupid deer or rabbits or squirrels have already taken the opportunity to eat off, entirely, two of our four cucumber sprouts, bits of our tomato plants, and large chunks of the squash sprouts. SO annoying. I’m thinking we’ll have to net them in. So far, the basil, parsley, and rosemary seedlings are doing great in the window-front bed. I see lots of pesto in our future…

(5) Praying for:

Continuing to pray for little Liam, who has had 3 surgeries so far. Please join us in praying he will receive the right treatment and get better!

Praying for (and SO excited for!) Anna and Angela, whose Lourdes trip is just around the corner!!

(6) Clicking:

Our friend Hannah’s gorgeous photos and posts from France…it really helps when everything is looking so icky around here…

I really enjoyed reading this essay about Brideshead Revisited in the print magazine. Makes me want to re-read it!

And I’ve now listened to this at least thrice, because I find it so fascinating!  A Quick Lesson on Southern Linguistics

(7) And now for some (unrelated) recent baby pics!



During sunnier times...

During sunnier times…

And that’s seven…linking up at This Ain’t the Lyceum for SQT.


6 thoughts on “Currently, Vol. 4

  1. Have you watched Larkrise to Candleford? It is THE BEST OF THE BEST, and has a million episodes. Pretty sure they are all free on Amazon prime!

    For fans of: Little House on the Prairie meets British snark, Crandord, the BBC.

    • LOVED Lark Rise so much!! We watched it last winter, and just the other day I said to Tom, “I’m so sad there are no more Lark Rise episodes!”

  2. Lena is going to outgrow Lucy in a couple months!!! Thanks for the shoutout…I’m so excited for Lourdes too! It still feels a bit surreal…but SO wonderful. Give Leo (and the rest of the munchkins) kisses for me! (Fun and non-related fact: I went to Oxford,MS today and saw Faulkner’s house/property. Have you read any Faulkner? I have not, but now I feel obligated to!)

  3. Boooo to animals eating seedlings! We got lucky this year and Mary Claire was the worst destroyer of the garden, but last year squirrels destroyed almost ALL of my tomato seedlings. It was so horrible! Made me appreciate the fact that we don’t actually rely on our garden, and can easily get produce from the farmer’s market or grocery store 🙂 I don’t even want to think about whether the amount of time/money we’ve spent on the garden has been cancelled out by the amount of money saved yet!

    • Yes, Lucy too has been very into “digging” in the beds…more our fault as we let her dig away before we fixed and planted the beds. I am so annoyed by the squirrels (I’m thinking it’s they, because there’s a suspicious amount of digging in the beds, too), and will be genuinely impressed if we get ANY fully formed veggies out of the garden this summer!

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