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Summer Days

It’s summer again!!

Gardens are bursting...

Gardens are making a come-back…

So is the herb bed!

And the herb bed is thriving, too.

Lucy’s been obsessed lately with “bentures” and said adventures can range anywhere from a trip to Target or the library to a walk around our cul-de-sac. She sometimes declares when we’re just hanging out inside that she is “havin’ a benture over here, and Lena’s havin’ a benture over dere,” (all fun and games till Lena wants to join Lucy’s side…).


Her hair is getting sooo long in the front, but I don’t really want to start cutting it!

Thank goodness toddlers are so easily amused. We can literally plant the “adventure” idea in her mind to make whatever we have to do that day seem cool and exotic to her. I’ll be a sorry mom when these days are over!


Lessons in baby-wearing

Carrying her baby

Lena is pretty hilarious at the cusp of 11 months. Her favorite (and only) word is a very enthusiastic and resounding, “YAH!” which is her stock response to everyone. Sanguine optimist, anyone? If she hears anyone say anything with a question inflection, or any phrase starting with, “Do you…” she immediately responds, “Yah! YAH!” She is practically running now, and I can’t begin to count the number of people who are dumb-founded by her walking abilities. I guess she does look pretty cute, trudging around on her chubby legs, arms often held out in front, Frankenstein-style. She’s suicidally attracted to all stairs, whether up or down, and is in the constant-supervision stage.


We discovered a hydrangea bush on the hill on your side yard. It’s gorgeous and makes us want to plant about five more bushes around the yard…


Ignore the weeds…the side yard needs work, but will have to wait till fall!



4 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. Her walking skills are totally baffling because she’s so tiny!!! I swear she’s only a little bigger than Peter, so watching her walk is hilarious to me also 🙂

  2. Cute! James isn’t walking yet…but starting to stand up a little. This is s fun age. I am also loving gardening! 🙂

    • I hope your gardens are thriving! And seriously…enjoy the limited mobility. Things start to get crazy when they are full-fledged walkers!

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