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State of the Lena

We’ve been fighting some sleep battles with the second-born, who decided over a month ago to start giving up her morning nap. (As an aside, I find the term “giving up” to be a complete misnomer, as if the sweet, self-sacrificing child is offering up her cherished sleep time for the poor souls in Purgatory in an act of voluntary self-immolation. Wrong. The poor, sleep-deprived child is waging a stubborn war of screaming and sweating until the parents realize there will be no nap where there previously was one, and if anyone is getting time off of Purgatory, it’s surely the parents. So let’s go with “throwing the nap violently away.”) Anyway, this caught me way off guard since Lucy didn’t violently throw her morning nap away at all, but rather slowly just stopped falling asleep in the mornings around the time when I was expecting her to, based on regular baby development and her changing Circadian rhythms, around 16 months. I think it’s safe to say that Lena may be a full-blown sanguine, though, and so she’s much less aware of her own inner rhythm and routine and what her body is telling her (i.e. get some sleep, crazy baby! You woke up at 6:30!).

Thus, our days have been a little off-kilter to say the least, as we deal with sometimes, a few mornings per week, getting a late morning nap from Lena, from which I must wake her lest she go too long and then sabotage her afternoon nap; and other times, when it’s clear she will NOT nap and we go out somewhere in the mid-morning, she ends up falling asleep immediately in the car and then…voila! No afternoon nap for her. And not much sanity for me. And don’t even ask about her night-time sleep. Good thing she is so darn cute. Despite all these erratic sleep behaviors, I really do love this age, at the cusp of one year. It’s clear that Lena understands a great deal of what we say to her, and she takes delight in responding in whatever way she can. Most of the time it’s a loud, “YAH!” straight from her diaphragm (girl is going to be a good singer) or a very deliberate pointing of one or both index fingers. She loves pointing at things on the ceiling or up high on the walls, or throwing her hands up in the air as a response to “How big is Lena??”

IMG_1778.2015-06-24_224214She’s also started making this little face, scrunching her nose and half-shutting her eyes, when she knows she’s doing something a little naughty and I’ve said (or am about to say), “Nooo, Lena!” Cutest thing ever. Also the boldest baby, as evidenced by:

-climbing (onto stools, benches, chairs, the trampoline, Lucy’s toddler bed, into the bathtub, into the kiddie pool)

Climbed up onto the wrong side of the trampoline...

-stairs, trying to climb up them and down as well

-taking off her diaper


Note the turned-around bench. That’s our current gate for the bottom of the stairs, which we just had to turn around as she kept climbing on TOP of the bench. Also, she’s figuring out that she can shimmy through that crack on the side…


-eating the most inedible of objects. I will spare you descriptions but let’s just say she has a very unrefined palate at this point.

I can’t believe she’s about to turn one. What a crazy, loud, adventurous little firecracker.

Always keeping up with her big sis

Always keeping up with her big sis


3 thoughts on “State of the Lena

  1. My kids have all transitioned from two naps to one right around the time they turn one. Instead of napping 10-11:30 and 2-3:30, they start sleeping from like 11:30-2:00/3:00. Makes for an early lunch and a small snack at waking up, but then they slowly work toward a 1:00-3:00 nap as they continue through transition. It is a trying time, but remind yourself it is just a phase and “this too shall pass” 🙂

    Love keeping up with all the happenings with you all! Keep the posts, and the pics!, coming.

    • Good point! I definitely had it easy with Lucy’s transition…she kind of naturally fell into a new routine and just slept a little longer in the morning to make up for the lack, which we were thrilled about (she used to be our 5-5:30 riser!)

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