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Birthdays, sick days

If you’re wondering why Lena got the shaft that is no birthday blog post, it’s because her 2 week cold was immediately followed by a week of fevers, cling-to-mom-for-dear-life, (more) terrible sleeping, super crankiness, and then an all-body rash that explained it all (roseola. No idea where she contracted it). She spent her bday with a trip to the doctor’s and an impromptu family celebration that night with hummingbird cupcakes (a 2 for 2 first birthday tradition, so far). Poor thing.

Little one year old sickie

Little one year old sickie, pointing as always


Sweet face/body pre-rash, which popped out the next day.


She ate a little frosting, smashed up the cupcake, and then cried to be put to sleep. What a birthday! Better luck next year, little one.

(And now that you seem to finally be mending, I promise we will get back to the regularly scheduled sleep-training and night-weaning activities. I know you love those. Probably almost as much as I love all the sleep loss and your demonic screaming in the middle of the night.).


7 thoughts on “Birthdays, sick days

  1. Oh! all my kids have gotten roseola. It is one of those things I have just come to expect to come and pass at some point before they turn two. I usually know it is coming when a high fever comes out of nowhere for no real explanation. She looks adorable, sickness and all : ) Happy Birthday, sweet angel!

    • I honestly don’t remember any of my siblings or me having it, but it does sounds like it’s super common! Thank goodness for pics on the internet to easily identify it and put my mind at rest! And when I called my pediatrician and described it she was like, “Oh yes, totally roseola!” Glad I know what to look for next time!!

  2. Poor Lena! I had a friend whose daughter had it. She thinks she got it at the Dr’s office when she was playing with the common toys. I’ve heard it’s contagious before you show symptoms. Oh and happy lat feast day and birthday to your little one! 🙂

    • Thanks!! Lucy was getting all fed up with hearing us say over and over, “Ohhh Lena’s bday is coming up!” and then, “Lena’s feast day is coming up!” and would start saying, “No it’s MY bday/feast day!” or “I don’t wanna share my bday/feast day!” hahahaa!

  3. Yay, happy birthday! And at least with 1-year-olds you can always celebrate their birthday late and they’ll never know 😉 Hope everybody’s feeling better now!

    • It’s true– they literally have no clue what is going on. And she only got a present from my parents, oops! I was like, “Well, she has all the toys she could possibly need or want and I seriously can’t think of anything else to get my one year old.” Laissez-faire parenting at its best.

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