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Hi there! Welcome to our little slice of the great, big blogosphere!

I’m Nicole.

What I probably did most of the reception...

Can’t get enough of books, coffee, BBC mini-series and period pieces, my girls, and my amazing husband. I’m a former special ed teacher looking forward to one day teaching my own kids and not going crazy in the process.

This is Tom.


He’s the best. He teaches Latin, Greek, and English at a boys’ prep school and spends his spare time playing with the girls, letting me sleep in (I told you, the best), and amassing enough knowledge to win Jeopardy someday.

Here’s Lucy Agnes, Daughter #1


She was born in April of 2013, and spends her days chatting with me, alternately terrorizing and loving her baby sister, “helping” me in the kitchen, reading, making up songs, and generally cracking us up.

This is Magdalena Clare, or Lena, Daughter #2


She was born in July of 2014. She is go, go, go, all the time, and doesn’t stop till she falls asleep. She crazy. She is also the most affectionate tiny child I’ve ever met, and loves nothing more than to put her faces right against ours, give us loud, smacking kisses, or lay her head on our shoulders for a hug.

And coming February 2016….

For Want of Wonder

Welcome to our little life, where we try to find the wonder in the everyday and romance in the mundane.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. What an adventure! Still sounds like fun and you have a nice place to stay. The Italians must be intrigued with Lucy since they aren’t having babies anymore. How is the weather? Crowds were manageable in December when Tom & I went but it rained……a lot. Keep blogging and posting pictures. That Lucy is the cutest!

    • The weather has been pretty interesting, actually. A lot cooler than VA!! We have also had a thunderstorm every afternoon/evening this week, which really cools things down in the evenings (to the 60s). We’re hoping for a little less rain, though, since evenings are when we can go out and explore. We try to avoid the mid afternoon time, which is the hottest, and everything shuts down!


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