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To the rare sound of silence as both girls are simultaneously napping. Rare, as of the last week or so. You see, our dear resident 2.5 year old has been throwing some crazy curve-balls into her normally completely predictable and beautiful napping routine. This is the baby who never napped, then finally learned to sleep on her own at about a year, and from then on took about 2 two-hour naps daily until 16 months, after which time she has slept nearly 3 hours every afternoon, not just willingly but joyfully, often requesting nap time.

Until last Sunday. In the last 7 days, she took 3 total naps. Ensue hand-wringing, apocalypse-is-nigh texts to Tom every sleepless afternoon, and a general feeling that my world was crashing down. It’s safe to say my sanity rests heavily on my children’s sleep patterns.

I guess that all of the sudden she’s just an older toddler, and for some reason, her normal 12:45- 3:45 nap time of bliss isn’t working anymore (sob). The extreme and sudden sleep loss made her exceedingly peevish the last week, which meant a vicious cycle of wanting to “sleep” around 10:30 am (really just an excuse to liaison with her beloved paci [only allowed in her bed] while she fooled around in her room), scream and whine and refuse lunch, sort of agree to lay down around 1, and then never fall asleep. The handful of times she has napped, it has been much later than her previous naptime, so I’m trying to really keep her occupied with playing and activities until about 1:45 so she won’t fight her nap for hours. All I know is, she’s way too young to drop a nap altogether, and as previously mentioned, my sanity depends on it.



Lucy’s undying love for chicken soup, documented in this photo she asked me to take.

Lots of soups. I make a chicken soup about every other week, which both girls (but especially Lucy) really, really love. Then I use the broth to make another soup, a risotto, or whatever.

I made this Homemade Instant Noodle Bowl for lunch (with rice) and it was awesome. We also make this frequently and this too (add cheddar cheese!).

I’d like to start making more of our snacks as opposed to buying them but…y’know. Ideal vs. reality and all that.


We did finally bake the requisite fall pumpkin muffins

We did finally bake the requisite fall pumpkin muffins


September and October have officially been the craziest, busiest months for us, with every weekend booked. That is typical I guess, with the new school year for Tom and the thousands of extra tasks it entails for him (multiple back-to-school nights, tons of parent meetings, tons of student advisory meetings, first progress reports and the inevitable insane parent fall-out…ahem…concern, Open House, etc). Glad to be done with these months. Also glad to see a much emptier November calendar so far.

But we still try to sneak in small family "adventures" and outings, like this pre-grocery shopping visit to the newly opened gluten-free bakery down the street.

But we still try to sneak in small family “adventures” and outings, like this pre-grocery shopping visit to the newly opened gluten-free bakery down the street.


A 24 week baby. About to buy this. Thinking about investing time in doing yoga stretches. Avoiding bending over as much as possible, which isn’t really realistic with two toddlers who leave a trail of clutter behind them at all times.  Finding that napping is pretty much never an option since they girls now are back on opposite sleeping schedules for the most part and I just can’t do a 15 minute nap (it would take me at least that long to even fall asleep). Feeling lots of kicks and rolls and the occasional weird elbow scraping (it is such a weird feeling. And uncomfortable. Lena was the queen of doing that in utero).


Before You Even Ask from Barista Mommy. Couldn’t have said it better!

And a sweet gum ad (I know, but just watch), which reminded me I’m pregnant, as it made me tear up.

And that’s all I’ve got time for, since it’s now two days after I started this, and Lena is waking up from her nap. I’ll leave you with a very mild example of Lena’s new favorite skill: self-feeding-whether-you-like-it-or-not-Mom!



Five Favorites

1. SNOW DAYS. Days!! Who saw those coming?! Maybe the weather forecasters, but they are rarely to be trusted, plus I live in a bubble/never see or hear the news sooo, yay! When you’re married to a teacher, snow days are possibly even better than scheduled vacation time, because surprise factor! Plus these came on the heels of the weekend, which made for a very spoiled mom and baby. We slept in (as far as that’s possible with a Lucy in the house), made fancy coffee in the morning, and got caught up on a few projects. Best of all, I didn’t have to struggle to the death to get Lucy to nap. Dad’s the nap-master around here. We haven’t figured out why I suck at getting her to nap, so I try not to mind (HA!) and mostly go through my days with a zombie baby who sleeps for 30 minutes max at a time. In my arms. Only. People tell me this gets better with age. Let’s hope. Let’s hope.

2. Lucy’s new chair! Talk about snazzy!!

Lucy baptizes her new chair with berry pancakes

Lucy baptizes her new chair with berry pancakes


We had been using a weird contraption consisting of a kitchen chair and her Bumbo seat as a high chair, and it wasn’t working out. Not to mention, she has completely figured out how to get her whole body out of the Bumbo. We knew the time was right when my mom called yesterday to say the chair had arrived, and at that very moment Lucy was twisting her chunky body out of the seat. My parents generously gave her this Keekaroo high chair for Christmas, and it’s beautiful! The wood is solid and smooth and all the parts work great. Plus, it’s one  of those chairs that grows with the kids. Supposedly it can hold a 250 lb. person. Tom and I will sit on it together and let you know if that holds true.

3. OUR new chair! We have been on the lookout for a chair to add to our living room, considering the fact that exactly 2.5 people can be seated comfortably on the couch. We really wanted a classic wing-back recliner, but evidently we either have our standards set too high, or all the wing-back chair owners are happily sitting in theirs and refuse to put them up on Craigslist. So on the way home from my parents yesterday, we stopped at Home Goods and found this little gem:

Ignore the unsightly ironing board. Salvation Army is going to take it off our hands tomorrow!

Ignore the unsightly ironing board. Salvation Army is going to take it off our hands tomorrow!

No, it’s no wing-back, but we both really liked the pattern and style, and it was on sale. We still have a ways to go in the whole getting our place to look put together department, but as I said, we’re picky. And we’re very, very slow. I’m pretty sure home decorating and furniture shopping is a full-time job. So, we’re still searching hard for a secretary desk, which the clutter in our apartment needs badly. One of these days…

4. Wintry Blend Coffee from Trader Joe’s. I’m usually a coffee snob and hate flavored coffee, but this isn’t so much flavored as spiced, with amazing things that truly taste of winter in a cup. When Tom tasted it yesterday, he found it “weird” (that was all I could elicit as a description), so I don’t think he shares my devotion. But this limited edition coffee has gotten me through many a frosty, early morning (student teaching in freezing Ohio, I’m looking at you!) and it sure doesn’t disappoint now as I sit in my pjs at home. Thanks, Trader, you know I love you for life. Seriously though…we are not allowed to ever move to a locale which doesn’t boast a TJs within a decent distance.

5. Naptime... see #1. Although, I DID just get her to sleep an hour ago, and it only took me 30 minutes, and she stayed asleep an entire HOUR. Why does that matter?? Because that NEVER HAPPENS with me. So it’s monumental. And I just heard her stirring, so I’m out.

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