Feathering the Nest, Vol. 1

Just a few peeks into what our new home is starting to look like!

Here are my favorite little touches.

The Secretary

We searched for this piece for about a year and a half. My mom’s friend saw it at a furniture finishing place, and we snapped it up. Fun fact: we’re the second owners, since this had been in a banker’s family since the 1930s.



The Peg-Board

Our kitchen is tiny, but we don’t mind. Everything is easy to reach and it’s quick to clean. But the trade-off is a lack of storage, so our hand-made peg board is super handy. Anything that allows me to grab a cooking implement with one hand, without any bending over or pulling out of cupboards is also awesome, since I’m usually cooking one-handed.


Reclaimed Wood End Tables.

I can safely say we looked for HOURS online for end tables. Why is furniture shopping a thing from hell?? Finally we decided to try Etsy, and voila….
some very sweet and very affordable tables. It’s also great that we were able to support a small business and get something handmade.



Yellow Pillows (or “tillows”, as someone around here calls them)

We love the color pop. And they’re lumbar pillows, so…back support! World Market find.


Peacock Armchair

Also from World Market. We wanted a wingback, but see above observation on furniture shopping. This little chair fits the bill- plush, velvety, looks fancy-but-not-fussy, and has a small footprint. Lucy declares “IN!!” whenever she sees it. We’re working on prepositions.


And that’s all the time the babies will grant me today. Also, I’m posting from the WordPress App (gag), because Ye Olde MacBook has gone and died. Like, won’t charge, won’t turn on at all, dead. So please forgive any and all oddities of this, and probably future, posts.