Mother of all updates

Why so silent and neglected, poor blog?! Welllll…it was you or the kids, that’s why. But I find myself on this lovely afternoon with two babes sleeping simultaneously and most of Chez Cox under control, so ….oops, Magdalena fusses. Shhh, shhh, insert paci. Ok, we’ll see how much I can iPad-type while she stares off from her spot in the swing and I replace paci every 45 seconds.

Let’s see…last time I wrote, Magdalena was still in the blissful sleep ALL day phase. She dropped that like a rocket and transitioned to colic fussiness from 5-9 ish every night. Every night! Gas, wanting to nurse but hating the breast, sleepy but not wanting to settle, etc….girlfriend’s throwing all her tricks at us. Thank God we had a lot of helpers the first two weeks of this, taking turns walking her all over, bouncing, rocking ,shushing. Now we’re just used to it, and it is only slightly stressful and moderately exhausting.

Her little self, after giving up from several hours of fussing-crying-screaming.

Tom was gone for five days, representing us all at his brother’s super fun and swanky California wedding. Yes, I envied the alcohol consumption, the cruising yacht reception, the adult interaction and fun, and the Cali weather, BUT then I imagined us on the plane with both babies, and happily paced the floor with Magdalena.

After he returned, we hardcore organized and packed our clutter strewn throughout my parents home, and last Saturday, we moved! We had THEE most fantastic helpers who made it happen. My two older brothers, sister, sister-in-law, and a handful of very loyal friends. I stayed at my parents until about 3, when I got word that all the furniture was set up and everything out of the truck and cars. I strapped the girls in, and we headed off to our new home. Lucy was complaining the whole 25 minute ride there, and when we had less than 5 minutes left, she barfed all over herself, and her resultant screams sent Magdalena into a tizzy as well. Daddy drove over to help save the day and remove as much stink as possible, and then we made it, and our team of amazing helpers swooped in and took care of Lucy.

We’ve spent the last week adjusting, organizing, cleaning, and setting up. Lucy’s learning that the wooden stairs are very unforgiving. We did get this to help the awkward split level situation:


Lucy has been trying to stay entertained in the sudden absence of the rest of the adults who constantly kept her occupied…

(There are 16 more of that gem…)

And Tom has returned to work this week, and I’ve been adjusting to being alone with the girls. We are all still alive and pretty much functioning normally, thank God! I’ve successfully taken them on one solo grocery outing so far and it wasn’t as bad as the version in my head.

Well, I think that’s enough boring for one post. Cue gratuitous baby photos!