What December Has Brought (so far)

We are long overdue for a bit of an update on the poor, neglected blog! I can only say that a) Lucy sees every moment that I have either laptop or iPad as an opportunity to clamor incessantly to see pictures of herself (which means, of course, videos of herself) or watch Winnie the Pooh, so I can’t ever use the devices without a major meltdown, and b) Magdalena is no longer the easy-to-put-to-sleep baby of yore.

But here I am, and both are napping, so I will do my best to brain and photo dump a lot of what’s been happening over the past month.

Lucy keeps things fun around here with lots of chattering, running, climbing, and mischief-making. She enjoys wishing Lena a “boo-morning” anytime either one of them wakes up from a nap or otherwise enters a room for the first time in 15 minutes. She wishes Lena in her bouncy chair was more mobile, and frequently tries to play ring-around-the-rosy with her in there.


Matching jammies photo op. “Susee bibbing her kiss.”


Lucy about to eat Lena, and Lena’s (appropriate) reaction

Lucy is also really getting into the Liturgical Year happenings. She loves the Advent candles, and has almost worked up the courage to blow them out herself. She is enjoying seasonal books from the library and our home collection, and opening the chocolate Advent calendar from Nana. We have succeeded in hiding the true nature of the chocolate from her still, as she thinks it’s a little square toy that eventually melts all over her hands, at which point she cries, “Hand duh-ty!” and gives up the chocolate.

She enjoyed discovering the treats St. Nicholas brought last weekend, which included this adorable St. Nicholas doll.

Excuse the poor quality iPad photos; I discovered my camera battery was not in the camera at the unfortunate moment of her finding her shoe...

Excuse the poor quality iPad photos; I discovered my camera battery was not in the camera at the unfortunate moment of her finding her shoe…

We got it here. 

She’s been reading this lovely book about St. Lucy for the past couple weeks to prepare for her feast day, which we commemorated by making sourdough cinnamon buns and (attempting to) dress Lucy in her St. Lucia costume. Turns out a 20 month old is much harder to costume than an 8 month old.


Lucia with 2/3 of her costume on…



Last year’s rendition


And Magdalena is mostly watching all these things with glee and excitement from her favorite position– standing on someone’s lap. She blows raspberries as often as she can and chuckles loudly when Lucy talks to her. She is still unaware that the source of her painful scratches/hits/pinches is the very same person who makes her smile and laugh. She is developing FOMO much like her older sister at this age, and I’m praying she figures out how to let herself fall asleep much faster than Lucy. She’s had to cry it out a few times already, and while not pleasant at all, can be the only way to actually get her to fall asleep when she’s tired. The first year of life is so bizarre.


I’ll leave you with that cuteness, and get back to my frighteningly large laundry pile. Ciao!