Birthdays, sick days

If you’re wondering why Lena got the shaft that is no birthday blog post, it’s because her 2 week cold was immediately followed by a week of fevers, cling-to-mom-for-dear-life, (more) terrible sleeping, super crankiness, and then an all-body rash that explained it all (roseola. No idea where she contracted it). She spent her bday with a trip to the doctor’s and an impromptu family celebration that night with hummingbird cupcakes (a 2 for 2 first birthday tradition, so far). Poor thing.

Little one year old sickie

Little one year old sickie, pointing as always


Sweet face/body pre-rash, which popped out the next day.


She ate a little frosting, smashed up the cupcake, and then cried to be put to sleep. What a birthday! Better luck next year, little one.

(And now that you seem to finally be mending, I promise we will get back to the regularly scheduled sleep-training and night-weaning activities. I know you love those. Probably almost as much as I love all the sleep loss and your demonic screaming in the middle of the night.).


Rome reminiscing, Stitch Fix success, and partial unplugging (SQT)

Another long week is over. Commence lame, sleep-deprived recap…


Right after I published all about Lena’s sleep craziness/general craziness, she took it up a notch by coming down with a weird, random, nasty-sounding cough and runny nose. Commence even worse sleeping. Poor babe, I think she’s on the mend, and I’m hoping that means she’ll stop waking up every 1-2 hours at night. Hoping hard.


I got my third Stitch Fix last Friday and loved everything so much that I actually kept the whole box (locking in the hefty discount for doing so). The second box was an utter failure, which resulted in me angrily emailing customer service, since my stylist had put in not a single item that I had specifically asked for, nothing was weather-appropriate, and every single item was hand-wash or dry clean only, agh! Thankfully, customer service was outstanding and addressed my concerns right away, waiving the stylist fee. And then the next Fix was awesome, including a couple casual/dress-up-able shirts, shorts, the comfiest cropped pants, and a maxi skirt. If you want other people to do all your shopping and have it show up at your door, you should try it out!


Two years ago this week, we flew to Rome with baby Lucy for a month!!



And started this blog to document it all! I can’t believe that was two years ago. Here are some of my favorite posts from our time there:

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2013-07-03 11.11.54

A table for three

A table for three

Sigh. What a good time. I’m also really glad we got the chance to do that with just one, very portable, baby.


This is not a new link, but this mash-up video of famous dance scenes from movies is super fun!


If you are an Arrested Development fan, you will die checking this site out! 


Tom and I are trying something new in an attempt to enforce some order into our lives. We tend to, uh, linger in the evenings instead of getting to bed when we should, and the number one distraction is, of course, the world wide web. There’s just always one more article, one more blog, one more cute picture on Facebook, ya know? So here’s the genius and complicated plan Tom thought up to solve our problem:

Flip the switch at 9 PM. Literally. Our router’s plugged into a socket connected to a light switch, so at 9 the plan is to just turn it off. And then I turn it back on in the morning when Tom leaves for work, so he’s not tempted to check school email before he even gets to school.

It’s pretty freeing actually, and shows how pathetically plugged-in we are. Hopefully this means we’ll also read more and watch less.


Happy Fourth of July!

Cutest fan

Lucy circa July 2014 (Lena now wears this outfit!)

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